Referrer Spam Blocker

Automatic filters to block referral spam in Google Analytics

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StijlbreukMaker@stijlbreuknu · Stijlbreuk
Thanks for the placement! Please be aware that we only have 5000 API calls per day. So if we run out of API calls for today, please try again tomorrow. :)
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
If you dip into Google Analytics on a regular basis, chances are you've encountered the nightmare that is referrer spam. If you haven't, a) I envy you, and b) it's basically the pollution of your Google Analytics data by horrible spam bots. It's difficult to manage, and the landscape changes so frequently, that something like this is a bit of a godsend. Looking forward to giving it a good try out :) HT to @davidfrosdick for bringing this to my attention!
Mithun Madhusudan@mythun · Growth
Just signed up! I hate those nasty spam referrers that screw up my data.
Mithun Madhusudan@mythun · Growth
Does this go through my current analytics data and remove spam? or does this just populate filters based on a pre existing list that you guys have?
StijlbreukMaker@stijlbreuknu · Stijlbreuk
@mythun Unfortunately, it is (technically) not possible to remove spam that's already in your Analytics. However, you can download our segments that will 'hide' the spam that's already there. We automatically generate all default segments Google provides too, so you can view all these segments spam-free.
Mithun Madhusudan@mythun · Growth
@stijlbreuknu sorry I think I wasn't clear in my question. Suppose there is already present in my referral data in Analytic. Do you go through my referral data in analytics and identify xyzspam as a spam site, and then create a dynamic filter? Or do you have a list of sources that generate spam and create filters only for those?
StijlbreukMaker@stijlbreuknu · Stijlbreuk
@mythun Ah, I get it. The short answer is 'no'. We use our own blacklist to create a set group of filters. The list is crowdsourced by our community (with our manual curation), so we have an up-to-date and correct list of spammers. Recognizing spam automatically is a hard thing and easy to mess up (and corrupting your data along the way).
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
Great! Thank yous to the makers.