SaaS Customer Referral Program For Stripe

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Damn, needed them not to pivot.
We've been looking for a simple referral solution for months now so needless to say I was extremely excited to stumble on ReferralPop yesterday. Most referral systems are clunky, overpriced, and don't play nice with Stripe. ReferralPop looks like it solves all of these problems and I can't wait to integrate it into Kuhcoon for our users! On a side note I also love the design of the landing page. :) Anyone else give this a shot yet?
@torbahax Hey did you ever end up getting this integrated with Kuhcoon? If not, let me know!
Ah, we've been looking for a simple solution as well. Going to see if we can get it integrated next week.
@kchau Hey did you ever end up getting your referral marketing program up and running?
Thanks for posting Andrew! Happy to answer anyones questions about the product! EDIT: We have pushed a free trial live! Check it out
@seanheilweil Did you guys pivot? If the redirects are to be believed, you're "" and not actually doing Referral stuff anymore?
@yahel @seanheilweil How did you guys pivot so fast. I was looking forward to using this.