Referral Communities by Drafted is a way for teams to go beyond employee referrals and hire through their communities. For the rest of us, it's a way to help all the teams we're friends with. Free to join!

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Hey everyone, really pumped about this launch for a few reasons. The biggest one is because I personally believe that community referrals are one of the most underutilized and under-appreciated sources of talent, and I've also been itching to have a free offering for our followers for a while. Couple of quick notes about how to use this 1. Any employee at any company can sign up and start their own referral community for their company for free. 2. Companies already using Drafted can unlock this feature for free by inviting their VCs, friends, family, alumni, etc. to participate. 3. If you can't find your company on the featured search page, let us know and we can add it for you.
@pseudovirtual Congrats on the launch! I'm with you that community referrals are a big opportunity for startups and scaleups.
@dharmesh thank you for the support!

This IMO is the ultimate version of what Drafted has always meant to be. Leverage your network and your friends networks to find the right person for the right job. I have always been impressed by the product that Drafted has created, but this takes it to another level. If you are trying to hire at least one person a month, you would be insane not to use this platform.


More reliable, efficient and frankly enjoyable way to recruit


Can't pay headhunters that sweet bonus cash anymore

Very excited about this! Keep up the great work!

Drafted communities is one place where you can search for any company's community and refer someone you know is great to their open jobs. You can join multiple communities you want to stay in touch with, and is a great way to contribute to your previous companies through referrals. The cool thing is Drafted leverages your network and makes smart suggestions on who to refer. Highly recommend it.


A single platform to refer someone in your network to almost any company



Hiring POV : Finding the right person in terms of required skills is already tedious. Add to that medium scale and startups need their prospects employees to be aligned with the vision and values of the company. Communities on Drafted can ensure these criteria are met already.

Employee Referral POV : Now it's easier to help your friends by referring them to the open roles at your company, along with being awarded the referral bonus. The chances of your friend being hired will be even higher if your friend is already on the community.

Prospect Employee POV : If you want to be picked(hired), rather than being in the ocean where you are one among many others, be in the fish tank(community of the company). This shows that you're proactive and interested in the role.


Instead of catching the fish(prospect employees) from the ocean, communities make sure to have them from the fish tank in your home.


The hiring people may get lazy after getting used to the communities, as most of the work is already being done by communities on Drafted.