One click referrals for stripe users

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Hi, ProductHunt! This is Archie from ReferMe. We are very excited to announce our new 1-click referral program for Stripe customers. Referral programs are a great way to increase your users and therefore your revenue without any effort, however most referral programs can be time consuming and require huge amounts of effort to set up. At ReferMe we think referral programs shouldn't be a pain to set up, so ReferMe allows you to create a referral platform for your company in just a few clicks, with absolutely zero code integration. ReferMe’s sign up process simply requires:• An email address and password• Your website url• Your chosen customer discount and referral discount • One click to connect your stripe account THAT IS IT!! Once you are set up it is easy to keep track of your referrals with our dashboard that gives you updates on the number of referrers sent a unique URL, the number of referral link clicks, the number of referrals that sign up and the number of referrals who become paying customers. ReferMe allows you to customise and test the referral program by: * Allowing you to try it with a test Stripe account before converting it to a live account in one click * Allowing you to edit email content at any time * Controlling both customer discount and referral discount which are chosen by you, which can be different and, which can be easily amended at any time. Currently ReferMe is in beta, so try it for FREE! SIGN UP, SIT BACK, RELAX and watch the leads roll in. Feel free to ask any questions you may have
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@archie_kd Awesome! Definitely will be using this in the near future as was looking for something similar. Absolutely nailed it in terms of simplicity. This freaked me out for a second tho 😱 Took me a minute to realize you weren't using some hyper-personalized image rendering technique 😂
@suparchie Thank you, really glad you like the sound of it! I look forward to you using it, are there any features in particular that you would like to see that we don't have yet, as we are creating our roadmap I can throw it in the mix. The hyper-personalized image rendering technique is not in the beta 😂 ;)
@getreferme @archie_kd - is this still on? just signed up & need some info. Tx
@alexandremayol hello, I apologise for the late response! I have sad news, unfortunately I am in the process of shutting ReferMe down.
@archie_kd Tx! what I thought, can you reach at my ID at gmail ?
Apps rose because of their ability to incentive users to share for personal gain and set off a viral loop in the process. Physical goods always struggled in this department because they rely on word of mouth from good samaritans. This may very well change now. Can't wait to share tech goods to all my friends while completing a purchase in the near future and get items for free because I enabled so many purchases. The rise of the next mega good from startups rather than mega companies is here!
@ariehmovtady Thank you. Referral programs can be such a pain, we really wanted to make it easier to bring to any platform. :)
So very awesome! Walking through the setup process now. What are your plans for monetisation? Any options to do a fixed price discount also? I ask as I plan on using this... like tomorrow. 👍 Just noticed a simple grammar fix 'You have just receievd a discount from --display_name--' received ain't quite right. ;)
@snakecharmer Thank you :) Currently, we are in beta while we tweak the best referral method, which in beta we plan to offer it for free. Unfortunately, there isn’t a fixed price discount because it is very hard to cater for all the different currencies, that being said this may be a feature in the future. Don't worry, I have fixed that :P
Could be cool. This page isn't loading right:
@dshan Thank you. Sorry for that, I have fixed it now!
Looks great - do you/can you/will you do integration with gocardless?
@jean_luccrowther Thank you! Currently only Stripe, however in the future we want to include more payment systems, we haven't looked into gocardless specifically yet.