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#2 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2019
Referenda empowers movements to have a constructive discussion with stakeholders and block bots, trolls, and foreign influences from derailing the narrative; see the 2016 US presidential elections, FCC net neutrality, and the Brexit vote to name a few.
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Hi Product Hunt, we're excited to launch Referenda to help foster a new age of activism! Twitter/Facebook are currently used to start political & social movements. However, these ad-powered networks are rife with trolls & bots that spread misinformation and derail progress. We believe an authentic (members only) social media for constructive discussion is sorely needed in this new age of activism! That's why we built Referenda, to help movements organize, fundraise, and grow their audience. We're currently working with 3-5 US Congressional campaigns and are eager to help more. I'm happy to answer questions and I'm always open for feedback!
Hey Prabhaav, nice work! We've seen how powerful Twitter is for starting grassroots movements. From AOC to Arab Spring. However, we've also seen how easily Twitter and other social platforms can be used to manipulate elections. This is not just a concern in the United States, so my first question is, will Referenda eventually be available for movements outside the United States? Second, I'm curious how you view the verification process working. I love the idea of using tokens for something like this. But do you have a plan around the actual verification process? Great work!
@jehunter5811 the verification process for campaigns involve voter records. For non-political campaigns, we are exploring vouching methods such as web of trust.
@rabhaav thanks! And how about expansion plans? Will this be a US-focused app only or do you see a path to international movements?
@jehunter5811 our initial interest is from US campaigns, but are definitely planning expanding the service globally as it makes sense!
How do you block bots and trolls?
@thaddyhollan Thanks for the question! We have two methods we employ. 1.) A leveling system that enables features as you add value to the eco-system. 2.) For political campaigns, our initial vertical, we verify the user is a constituent by cross-checking it with the voter records.
@thaddyhollan @rabhaav Checking the voter records is a nice idea. So people have to be registered to vote? Or have voted in the past?
@thaddyhollan @imogen_happy yes, if they aren’t we help them register and they are started at a lower level.
Looks great! How do I set up my own campaign?