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References.Design helps you to get freshest inspirations from all over the popular design communities, as well as import your personal collections. You can easily manage all your online and offline assets in one place.

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Hi hunters and makers! I'm happy to be here the first time to introduce References.Design, a place where you can: - Find latest design inspirations and stories. - Quickly save the inspirations into your personal library. - Import and organize your existing images. - Automatically analyze and cluster related images, discover your contents in a new way References.Design will be available on both Windows and Mac platforms. The Mac version is already online while the Windows version is on the way. I hope you will find it useful and like it ๐Ÿ˜‰
Update: References.Design is now also available on the Windows Store! Check it out! By the way, be sure to follow us on twitter or our Medium page, we are working on some pretty cool new features and will be sharing more details very soon!!
Reminds me a little bit of Eagle ( ) which I have been using for the last year or so. What would really be a huge benefit for me is having an iOS (iPhone and iPad) App, as I'm constantly saving inspiration from on the go.
@adrnspg We want to push it a little more than just organizing local contents. We are in an internet era and why not connecting to the already excellent online sources of inspirations :) In the first version we have included some basic contents in the app. In future we are planning more features like customizing the sources of contents, linking with your existing community accounts, smart recommendations, find similar contents online or offline, etc. It may take a while to go there but we'd like to hear voices to help prioritize which one to go first.
it looks cool. Do you guy plan to release a trial so I can test before I buy it?
@krlospx I understand it would be really helpful to play with a trial version first. However, we are currently working really hard to push out more features as soon as possible. We just released 1.1 with labeling system this morning and are working on improving performances as well as some cool features, which would be quite different with any other existing solutions. We've set the introductory price to be as affordable as possible. In the worst cases, you can always request a refund on Appstore if you really find it not useful (hopefully not).
Just bought it, but I feel like I'm missing something here. What is the fastest way to add images to a collection beyond saving to desktop and dragging them into the app? I feel like copy & paste support or a browser extension is required for this sort of tool.
@bryanmanio Thanks for pointing this out. We just pushed a new version on Mac AppStore today with color labeling. We will be submitting another update shortly with copy/paste support and performance improvements :)
I've been trying to decide between this and Pixave for a couple days -- would love to hear from any users of this app, or particularly both.
@will_mckim forget Pixave, developer is AWOL, one thing I struggle with Pixave is that I need to update or drag drop every time I add a new file into a folder, I havenโ€™t tested References.Design, I would appreciate if there was a trial version, but according to the demo video, it auto updates the folder when you insert a file into it (this is great for saving multiple versions of same project).