Reference contacts by @-mention in Gmail

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Love this idea - are you thinking about building stats like "you @ mentioned this person x times this month" and "they responded to x of your y emails"?
@grmeyer Thank you!. Stats are in our roadmap. We are also working on improving the suggestion list by rank, so that people who you mention a lot will top the list, making it easier to find what you are looking for, faster.
Ref allows you to @-mention contacts from LinkedIn, Salesforce, Facebook and more while composing e-mails, and Asana tasks too.
@kwdinc Thank you for the shout out. We built Ref because gmail was missing this seemingly intuitive feature. Really excited to see Ref in product hunt, Would be happy to answer any questions, and to help you to setup Ref.
Super cool looking product - sure to help up usage and productivity for multi-platform reliant companies, and make intros a lot smoother. Great work!
super cool idea, can't believe it doesn't exist natively in gmail though...
seems like it's not working