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I was skeptical at first but I really dig Reelgood. It has given me very good recommendations so far.
@elado Nice! Glad to hear it!
Hey Product Hunt and thanks @kevingibbon for the feature! We built Reelgood because we were tired of struggling over what to watch. Reelgood is an iOS app that helps you pick the perfect movie in seconds. * see the best movies across your streaming subscriptions * see where any movie is streaming * stop relying on random critics. See movies your friends love and read their reviews * no more squabbling over what to watch. See movies you and a friend both want to see * keep track of the movies you want to see We launched a few months ago (#2 on PH!) and Reelgooders have already added over a million movies to their watchlists. The new version is streamlined (only 3 tabs now!), opens you up to the greater Reelgood community, and gives you quick access to our powerful filters.
This is so cool. I can never find movies I want to watch and trying to do it with other people is even harder! As someone from the UK it would be good to be able to specify the Netflix/Prime country and I'd love to see some kind of import from IMDB since I have a quite large watch list or set of reviewed films on there! Other than that it's awesome :D Keep up the great work :) PS love the loading animation. Kudos to your designers!
@designer023 Thanks man! We're working on regions outside US for the streaming sources and UK is at the top of the list. Stay tuned :) @elife_is gets full credit for the animations :)
@davidsanderson1 awesome thanks. I'll look forward to it. Nice work
I used to struggle through iTunes, Amazon and others to find a movie. Reelgood is my go-to movie finder. I have about 8 people I trust with movie suggestions. All are on Reelgood😎
Changed the way I watch movies! Great stuff
@kobaiko Music to our ears. Thanks man!!