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David Sanderson
@davidsanderson1 · Founder @reelgoodapp formerly @facebook
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David Sanderson
@davidsanderson1 · Founder @reelgoodapp formerly @facebook
Hi Product Hunt! We made Reelgood to solve a problem that bothered us: Why is it always so hard to figure out what movie to watch? Shouldn't there be an easy way to keep track of movies to see? Why not overlap this list with friends’​ lists? Reelgood is our solution to always pick the perfect movie, because your friends' opinions are better than the critics… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Last Friday @matthartman & @shaanvp were discussing the common issue of trying to find something on Netflix, the whole scenario of searching for a long time and then watching something for 2 mins, turn if off, repeat, go to sleep etc. It's a very common issue. @shaanvp mentioned Yahoo Video Guide as something that could potentially help with this probl… See more
Benjamin Cates
@catesb · CEO, heyi.am
Any date for the android version?
Guy Avigdor
@guyavigdor · Founder & COO, Klear
Brilliant app! Love it! Any plans for a series focused version?
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Hubby and I will give this a shot. Although watching a movie you dislike is unlikely to cause physical pain, we actually spent more time choosing the last movie than we did watching it. The madness must end.