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Hi Product Hunt! We made Reelgood to solve a problem that bothered us: Why is it always so hard to figure out what movie to watch? Shouldn't there be an easy way to keep track of movies to see? Why not overlap this list with friends’​ lists? Reelgood is our solution to always pick the perfect movie, because your friends' opinions are better than the critics’ and because flipping through movies aimlessly shouldn't be our only option. Looking forward to hear what you think!
Last Friday @matthartman & @shaanvp were discussing the common issue of trying to find something on Netflix, the whole scenario of searching for a long time and then watching something for 2 mins, turn if off, repeat, go to sleep etc. It's a very common issue. @shaanvp mentioned Yahoo Video Guide as something that could potentially help with this problem. Reelgood looks like it could help address this issue too. Keen to hear from people who have tried it out. @davidsanderson1 @genadyo Are there genre sections/filters? Can the app suggest recommendations based on what you have watched and reviewed highly? Based on similar patterns with other users. My big question is : What will be the motivator for people to click "saw it" or even review a movie... I know there may be the issue where people just don't bother. Are you worried that this may just become a search alternative for finding a movie to watch. Maybe a push notification that pops up after a certain amount of time asking to review the movie... like an Uber pop-up w/ 5 star rating system?
@bentossell Yes, we have filters for genre/streaming source/coming soon/in theaters. We don't suggest recommendations based on what you've watched and reviewed. Instead, we recommend the movies that your friends rated highly. We've seen with our testers that the motivation to leave a review was to help their friends out.
@catburhenne cool Maybe something to think about integrating :) - I don't always like the same movies as my friends but likely some previous movies I've watched and left a good rating, I'd be keen to watch others that are similar. Nice to have the option of both IMO Do you think that 'helping out friends' is a big enough motivation to keep people doing it over and over? I could tell that I wouldn't be so bothered to help my friends out in that way... more likely to talk to them and say about a movie and if it was good or not. Maybe if you looked at gamifying it slightly... so you could become a "Critic", "Super-Critic", "Movie Buff" etc for how many reviews you leave in the app. Have a leaderboard. People could then see the leaderboard, see that Ben is the top rated, and top rated for comedy category - then see what films he watched recently and what he recommends, add to your watchlist and play :) I think that would be really cool!
@bentossell a really cool app worth checking out is Mubi (mubi.com). They have a curated streaming service for indie and foreign films. My girlfriend and I had the same issue you're describing, always having to search for great content on Netflix. In the absence of a social component to aide in discovery, ie; the Spotify model, or the Apple Music model, ie: curated and highly personalized, is second best. From a documentary on an esoteric German architect, to a French love story and a Plumme D'Or winning but long forgotten drama - Mubi is just on point every night with their recommendations. I've gotten 3-4 of my friends on it and they all love it.
@realsimonburns nice! will take a look. I definitely think having both options would be amazing... can cross-reference the two recommends and better filter down your choice :) Maybe that's just my preference. I like limited choice curated by others. The more criteria that has whittled down my options, the better.
@bentossell I just wish Netflix included trailers already!
Any date for the android version?
@catesb Aiming to start on the android version in the new year. Our backend developer is an Android guy and won't stop hounding us until we do :)
@catesb I was wondering about the same thing! Let the poor people (like me) that can't afford the price of happiness, I mean iOS, be happy at least with your product! Thanks :)
@catesb @davidsanderson1 even a web app would do the job for me. ;)
Brilliant app! Love it! Any plans for a series focused version?
@guyavigdor Yup! We gotta figure out how to do it cleanly, but it's on our roadmap (cause we want it too :D )
Hubby and I will give this a shot. Although watching a movie you dislike is unlikely to cause physical pain, we actually spent more time choosing the last movie than we did watching it. The madness must end.