Adapt email content to subscribers' context in real time

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Hello Hunters! I’m Vincent Martinet, CEO at Reelevant. Thanks Bram for hunting us down, the team and I are really excited to launch Reelevant on PH today. Reelevant is the live email intelligence technology that analyzes the context of opening and the behavior of each recipient to deliver the message at the best time and display the most relevant content in real time. Our aim is pretty straightforward: to kill mass mailing. You can test our technology with a 21-day free trial or subscribe to our Hunters limited offers with monthly plans at the price of annual ones for the first 3 months! Reelevant is far from finished, this is just a beta version, our product will keep getting smarter as we’ll release new email intelligence features every few weeks/months. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our product, so please feel free to jump in the discussion, we’re here all day to answer you! #massmailingkiller
@vincentmartinet amazing idea, would love to try this out! Big question though, how does it integrate or work with current email clients or automation such as hubspot, intercom, mailchimp etc?
@john_tans @vincentmartinet Let's do this then ! A test campaign seems like the perfect way to see how to integrate Reelevant in your current workflow.
@vincentmartinet Is the weather data currently US only?
@cprins_ @vincentmartinet Hi Carl, thanks for your question! We actually access worldwide weather data ;)
Nifty tool that kills un-relevant mass emailing to your users/customers. With Reelevant you can contact people with content that suits them. @vincentmartinet can tell you more :)
@bramk @vincentmartinet very cool - how much data does Reelevant collect on their side about your email list?
@siddygups @bramk @vincentmartinet Hi Siddharth, thanks for your comment. So we basically collect everything :) From contextual data (based on each opener's location, weather, device, etc.) to behavioral data (opens, clicks). This allow brands to get to know their subscribers individually to send them the right message, at the right time, for each one of them. Am I answering your question?
Great tool @vincentmartinet. What kind of data other than weather and location are you planning to use in the future to improve the Live Context feature?
@malikelbay We'll add time of the day soon and at this point we will be using all the data than can be collected through email! But there will still be plenty of ways to strengthen Live Content with more complex scenario. Plus, there are some exciting features coming soon that will use Live Content such as Webscrap (integrate a web screenshot into your emails and update it in real time) to display live social feeds, live inventories, live booking calendars and so on!
@enguerran_rostan thanks for your reply. Sounds interesting. I am looking forward to see your product evolve.
@malikelbay We'll keep you posted and would love to know your thoughts on future developments
awesome product.. the webpage its perfect!!! incredible job. #upvote!!
Hey @vincentmartinet, very cool product! I definitely agree the world is heading towards delivery content which is increasingly more relevant to the user. What other contextual factors do you look at other than weather, location, etc.?
@rtkilian Hey Rhys! Thanks, we're really pleased to hear you like our product! So for now, by context we mean location, weather conditions, temperatures and device, but we are currently working on moments of the day. This would allow ecommerce food brand to display cereals in its email if someone opens in the morning and wine if someone opens in the evening for example ;)
@delphineyo That could be very dangerous for impulse eaters like me! I look forward to seeing these emails in action.
@rtkilian Ahah! We'll definitely keep you posted when we launch this ;)