Record rental vehicle condition to manage fleet & liability

For businesses that rent, share or simply need to document, Reel provides high quality, precise and time-stamped overall video and image records of the vehicle condition at the time of exchange.
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Interesting idea, @scrumolina - I am working on a marketplace for charter boats currently and could use a product such as this. How customizable is it currently?
Thanks for reaching out, @adamjsorensen! Yacht charter is a very important business to us. Reel is by all means customizable. Most of the forms for condition reporting can be managed from the cloud-based interface, and we are actively working on improving that flexibility. The one thing that's different with boats comparing to other vehicles is recording under water. It may be slighlty inconvenient to record underwater damage with a phone, but I can see how that can be bridged by connecting a GoPro camera and uploading directly from there. I'd love to hear more about your needs and ideas so feel free to drop me an email: andrea [at]
Dear product hunters! The well-known fact is that the vehicle sharing-economy is on the rise. The businesses that rent out, share or manage internal vehicle fleets have a hard time tracking damages, asset condition, and even liability. Reel users record vehicle condition video and mark any damages in under a minute. High fidelity recordings and easily accessible data make it incredibly easy to manage liability at the time of the exchange. 📣With that being said, we introduce Reel - Vehicle Condition Manager 🚀 Reel comes with a powerful management console in the cloud. It's a centralized location for real-time transactions and condition tracing. The management console also enables you to manage your fleet, locations, users, and company settings from a single interface. Reel reduces damage tracking time and the cost of vehicle transition. At the same time, it enables your business to go paperless with cloud-based documentation. It takes only 5 easy steps to complete a transaction: ⓵ SCAN Reel-time autocomplete-like license plate search with a built-in barcode scanner. ⓶ RECORD Walk around your car for a quick video overview. ⓷ MARK Tap on new damages while recording to create high-quality snapshots pointing at the damage location ⓸ REVIEW Go through new damages and add useful information. ⓹ SEND Send a signed report to your customers and save it in a centralized transaction dashboard. REEL BENEFITS • Reliable inspection history • Create indisputable evidence in no time • All assets are securely stored in the cloud • Signed reports available in PDF and Reel Cloud Console • Barcode scanner for faster input • Electronic signatures • Reduced typing with automated workflows and customizable dropdowns • Advanced location-based security • Save reporting time • Digital, paperless operations • Easily connect agreement data • Manage internal transfers For more information visit:
Great idea! WIll try next time I rent.