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Hi Product Hunters, I'm Dale - co-founder and CEO at Reekoh. We're an IoT Platform-as-a-Service with a unique model for delivering integrations and customisations for the platform. Customers can use the Plugin Store to fully extend the core Reekoh IoT platform to work with a huge range of integrations. Everything from Salesforce to MongoDB storage, Google Geocoding services to Slack for exception handling. Developers can also build and distribute their own plugins for their services, APIs or IoT hardware and devices. We'd love to hear your feedback!
Well done Dale and team! Looking forward to seeing it grow from strength to strength.
@huntedguy thank you! exciting times ahead
@dalerankine looking forward to seeing this grow!
@christopher_87 Thanks Chris!
Definitely something I plan to give a try - I'm still looking for the best way to aggregate my fragmented home automation systems into one dashboard and this looks like it might help get me close from a data capture/normalization standpoint. On the supported device list there is an interesting selection of exclusively vehicle-based devices. I'm curious about the back-story here? Did Reekoh spin out of an automotive IoT initiative?
@busse Hello Chris, you aren't wrong in the back story there. ๐Ÿ˜„ We actually started as a Fleet Tracking Software. And then @dalerankine and FutureNow Ventures saw the value in making a platform out of the back-end of the Fleet Tracking Software. That's where we started. Anyway, that device list are just some of the plugins we made for some proprietary hardware/sensors. One should not assume that those are the only devices supported. The value of Reekoh lies within our plugin architecture. Our fully extensible plugin architecture allows you to write gateways for existing hardware. You are not required to re-program your hardware or go to your manufacturer to do just that in order to conform to the standards set for you as in other platforms. Requiring a hardware re-program would entail you to a contract with the manufacturer. You can buy off-the-shelf hardware and Reekoh would be able to adapt to its specs. It is not just gateways you can fully customize. We have other plugin types which are Streams, Services, Storages, Connectors, Channels and many more. You can basically build the full stack using Reekoh. And when you write plugins for Reekoh, you are given the ability to monetize it through our Plugin Store. Your code will then be reused by otherpeople using Reekoh. This is why we aren't just an IoT PaaS, we are also an IoT Ecosystem.
@busse Thanks Chris - send me an email at and I can set you up.