Ditch bottled water for good

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So it's a subscription water faucet? How is this not an Internet of Shit joke already?
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@nealrs Introducing SCUBA: the new subscription service that will make sure you never breathe bad air again. Using our patented Breathing Apparatus™,
@nealrs Hey Neal! When I'm at home or the office I drink straight from the faucet. Sometimes when you're out and about in NYC, though, it can be hard to find a place to fill up which is why New Yorkers buy millions of bottled waters every week and why Americans spent $21 billion on bottled water last year -- that's more than they spent on soda! We want to change that by providing convenient, on the go access to cold filtered water without the waste. The $1.99 fee -- less than the cost of just one bottled water -- is for the infrastructure and chilling and filtering, but not for the water itself -- you can take as much as you want and even fill up your friends' bottles. As long as people are not buying bottled water, we're happy.
@patrick_connorton If your goal is to limit bottled water waste, you should be taking your funds & efforts and using them to lobby local government for more public water fountains and better recycling programs.
@nealrs We love public fountains and definitely wish there were more of them! In NYC they're mostly in parks and playgrounds since it's impractical and cost-prohibitive to put them in the densest parts of town -- and unfortunately they need to be off six months of the year to avoid freezing. But we are working with the city to help map those fountains as well so people are aware of where they can fill up and it is easier to avoid buying bottled water.
I think this is a genius idea if it's free to the consumer. Why not have the business pay a monthly fee to have the unit installed in their store. The selling point is that it will drive traffic to their business and the people filling their water bottles will most likely buy something in the store? You could also charge consumer $49 for bottle (most high end reusable bottles cost this much) with your Bluetooth tech (rather than app) then works with your filling stations.
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@talantorriero Lol, "high end reusable bottles". A plastic bottle is reusable!
@talantorriero Thanks for the feedback! The host businesses do like the increased foot traffic, free advertising on our app and website, and our mission of reducing plastic waste. Host businesses are also able to provide discounts to Reefill members via the app as they're filling up. Imagine getting 15% off a coffee at your local bakery as you're refilling with cold, filtered water -- you can earn back that $1.99 monthly fee, which is less than the cost of just one bottled water, pretty quickly.
This sounds insane and not the good kind of insane
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This service seems very silly on the surface. However, it has much more utility than you might realize. I drink an average of 8 liters of water every day. I've been doing this using Platypus water bottles for about 5 years. When I'm at home, access to cold, fresh water is just a few steps away at all times. When I'm not at home though, filling up a water bottle with cold, fresh water is remarkably difficult. In fact, finding a place to get cold, fresh water is usually impossible without making a purchase from a bar or restaurant. Even then, the faces waiters and bartenders make at you when you ask them to fill your water bottle are unappreciated. Simply put, very few people in public want anything to do with helping you refill your water bottles and municipal governments don't give two hoots about providing their citizens with access to water. Reefill could be an extremely helpful service to get cold, fresh water while I'm on the go. It would save me from having to pack a couple liters of water in a backpack any time I go out for an extended period of time.
@magnuson 8 liters of water, seriously? You know that overhydration can have serious side effect like kidney failure, liver problems or water intoxication?
@magnuson Thanks Charles! Appreciate the feedback!
So pay to get something you get for free anyways....? I get it if you worked with the city to provide this service for free and place it in every coffee shops or even if needed, charge one time for a re-usable bottle to subset the cost of installation. But this is a bit too much to sell tap water.
@iamshipon1988 Amazingly, nearly 50% of bottled water on the market is nothing more than filtered tap water, including Aquafina and Dasani. So when people spend $2, $3 or $4 on a bottled water they're really paying for the wasteful manufacture and transportation of the bottles, 80% of which go unrecycled resulting in 2 million tons of plastic bottles being dumped in our landfills and oceans every year. Our goal is to stop all of that waste. The $1.99 monthly fee, less than the cost of a single bottled water, is for the infrastructure and chilling and filtering, but not for the water itself -- you can take as much as you want and even fill your friends' bottles.
@patrick_connorton Ah didn't realize it was a monthly fee, rather a fee per refill. That's good to know.