REEED - Talk it Out

Private, long-form, one-on-one back & forth communication.

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I had a chance to be a beta tester for Reeed. I really dig it. I don't normally communicate with anyone like this but using Reeed has been pretty awesome. I've started writing with a 2 friends of mine. With one friend we discuss life and philosophy and stuff you don't typically talk about with the bros, and it's been great sharing thoughts. With the other friend I started writing "remember when" stories where we recall adventures from high school and that's been hilarious. Oddly enough both of these uses have been a good way to reconnect. Definitely check it out.
Like most "dudes" I'm a horrible communicator with my wife. But my wife had the brilliant idea to just start writing things down in a composition notebook. I write what's on my mind...give it to her...she sits down...reads it and absorbs it...and then sits back and writes a thought out response. It's been great, so I thought I would digitize it.