Avoid the shady parts of town.

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Blake Robinson
@blake · Worldwide Alliances @ Salesforce
smh -- this makes me sad.
『Justin Pierce』
@jtown_ · Founder, Overpowered Games
lol I live in a red zone and walk around the area at all hours. Guess this is for suburb people that are afraid of everybody. edit: wow this is for rerouting driving directions? like you're so afraid that you can't even drive through downtown Dallas? hahaha
Brendan Beirne
@brendanbeirne · Strategy / product, Joojoo
Given the brouhaha over SketchFactor two years ago (see Gothamist story "Tone-deaf App Helps Naive Travelers Avoid 'Sketchy' Neighborhoods") I wonder if / how this is different?
Austin Sandmeyer
@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
I'm not a lover of this because it's segmenting areas of towns that more than likely have great things to offer, but don't get the chance... But at least, there will be no more issues like this: https://media.giphy.com/media/5A...
Jonas Petermann
@jonas_petermann · communication student and photographer
the ‹shady› parts are most of the time the interesting parts 😉