Automatically track, reduce, & offset your carbon footprint.

Automatically track your carbon footprint with Reduce. The app calculates your carbon footprint based on your personal spending habits and other preferences. You can set goals to reduce your impact over time, or you can offset it by buying carbon credits.
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Hello World, we are super excited to announce the Lauch of Reduce app in the U.S. Calculate your carbon footprint and learn how you can reduce your impact over time!
Do you know your Carbon Footprint?
I don't care to know.
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How is it better/worse than ?
@martin_collignon2 Thanks for the question, it's great to see other app trying to solve the problem in a very similar way. Currently, the major differences are: Reduce has a much more detailed breakdown of ones carbon footprint, we also account for things like miles when flying. While Joro has a leaderboard and other social features that we don't have yet. We are working on other exciting features, stay tuned!