Redraw Keyboard

All-in-one keyboard with stickers, emojis, games & more!

Redraw Keyboard is an app that brings granular customization to your fingertips. Alongside the ability to change the font and colors of your keys, it lets you add keypress sounds and even upload your own background image. Among its other features are a hundreds-strong theme store, instant translation and a gamified mechanism to keep users engaged.

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I never released how big the keyboard market is for Android. Redraw Keyboard just launched a few days ago and already has over 100k installs (per Google Play downloads range). I think we'll be seeing a similar thing with iOS as well after tomorrow when iOS 10 launches. The keyboard looks cool, lots of ways to personalize it however you like, and groups together many differences services all into one 💫
@nivo0o0 Yap, the personalization market is pretty massive, second only to games on Google Play ;) And if iOS 10 taps that need for custom looks for keyboards, it will snatch up a chunk of that market for sure.
@nivo0o0 custom keyboard have been a thing since atleast iOS 9.
Hello, Awesome work on Redraw Keyboard! Jaswinder Brar.
Really cool keywboard with a fantastic potential
@ioanina Really cool keyboard. Can you please contact me at so we can talk about collaboration. Thanks
Thanks for hunting Redraw Keyboard! It's been a long time coming, 8 months of tinkering and experimenting with features and 1 month spent in Beta where we got over 20k installs and 3,500 DAU.. Feature-wise, Redraw Keyboard has hundreds of pre-set themes, the possibility to build your own, gaming-like coin mechanisms, google docs integration, instant translation, gesture typing (swipe) and a lot more! Try it out and let us know how you like it :D