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Team messaging powered by email.

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Hello Product Hunt! Over the many years I’ve spent building collaboration tools, I realized that many companies don’t get the full value from the team collaboration tools out there. Maybe because you have coworkers who don’t want to use anything other than email, you work with other departments and companies, or you collaborate with a lot of your customers. Getting everybody to use and stick with something new is really hard. So we embarked on a journey to build a modern team messaging app powered by email. With Redkix you can collaborate in channels with other Redkix users for a real-time experience, as well as include non-Redkix users who can participate via email so no one is left out. We’ve also integrated your existing inbox so you can manage all your conversations in one place: Email, channels, and DMs. That means you can do things like take any email and move it instantly to a channel to talk it over. Our mission is to enable people to collaborate without friction. Work with co-workers, customers, clients, partners - literally anyone - to form a productive team (whatever team means to you). Today we’re excited to open up our public beta to all of you on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android (Reach out to me at and I’ll get you in a private beta of Android!). Right now Redkix supports Gsuite, Office365, and Exchange email accounts. It’s not perfect yet, but we decided we would rather get your feedback instead of trying to get it to a perfect state on our own 🤘.
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@redkix @oudiantebi @ashley_mw congrats on the release. The compelling aspect here is the integration of email in the realtime chat workflow. Coming from Red Hat I often struggled with keeping up with IRC and mailing list logs at scale. So I can see the value there quite clearly, and the "rooms" aspect with email fallback looks quite graceful. Two questions that come to mind are: 1. Are there other features that you feel make Redkix stand above the likes of Mattermost or Slack or even IRC in terms of core features? Or directions you can talk about in your roadmap that diverges from those experiences (e.g. there's definitely room for multiple players here, but how so)? 2. Like many growing startups we've consolidated heavily on Slack as our core platform at Corilla. We rely on it as our notification engine for our integrations ranging from GitHub Issue activity, customer activity (support, purchases, conditional actions), notifications of brand discussion, community, etc. What's your battle plan for dealing with just how sticky Slack is for companies like ours - as it's gone from comms tool to centralised platform?
@redkix @ashley_mw @davedri Thanks for the note David! on your first point I'd say this, what makes Redkix, especially Redkix channels different than other team messaging groups/places/channels, is the fact that we allow "out of network" users to participate in the conversation. This means that anyone can be included in a channel even if they have never signed up for Redkix. Since I've been doing this for a long time, I learned that the #1 reason for these tools to not stick around in many cases is that you just need to convince everyone to join a new tool and if they don't you just end up getting drawn back into the one tool where everybody does participate - emails . Every future feature we will be adding to the product will respect that core model, whether it's video and voice or anything else will keep being inclusive. I hope this makes sense as for your second point, we definitely see the huge value in adding integrations and are actively working on it. so stay tuned :) would love to help if you decide to get your team on the product!
@redkix @oudiantebi mate - congrats! Looks awesome. Love the vision
@redkix @angus_norton Thanks so much Angus!! learned from the best :)
@redkix @ashley_mw @oudiantebi thanks for the insights. I could see this actually appealing to some of the open source projects that have fragmented between email purists and UX-hungry/design-oriented teams preferring centralised app experience.
Cool! I have that issue right of 8 with 6 of us on messaging, 2 on email only. Game changer.
@claraliang :) Can't wait for your team to try it out. Please share any feedback you have with us!
The main reason I never got to the Slack buzz is the lack of pure email integration. The need to get everyone on board with Slack. So this is a real game changer. Amazing work. Are you guys considering integrations with 3rd party services (trello etc..)?
@kobaiko thanks for the note Yair! Integrations in the works, stay tuned :)
any plans for the web version of the app? that would be easy to try than downloading a desktop app.
@sivaram636 stay tuned.... and send me an email to ;)
@redkix @oudiantebi yup sure :) I can't wait so downloaded a will give it a try. By the way, I got few feedbacks for you guys the app is crashing when I try to login before I signup and when I click login there isn't a way to go back to signup.
@redkix @sivaram636 mobile? desktop? when you say crash you mean app closes or something else?
@redkix @oudiantebi desktop app(Mac), the app closes and pop up shown to report the issue.
@redkix @sivaram636 can you send me a mail so I can connect you with our engineer directly?
This is all I ever wanted in an app! Finally a tool to collaborate & manage my emails, I'm in love! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
@aviel_siman_tov Thanks so much! we can't wait to have you try the product and share your feedback