Redfin 3D Walkthrough

An immersive new way to virtually tour homes for sale.

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Sounds like a really great idea, I wonder if you'll see increased movement amongst these houses? Probably too early to tell now, but please let us know! :)
@KikiSchirr We will definitely let you know!
Hi ProductHunt! Redfin 3D Walkthrough launched yesterday for Redfin listings in Seattle, but will soon roll out everywhere. The groundbreaking 3D technology, powered by Matterport, allows the user to see every angle inside of a home to better decide which homes to tour in person. Questions? AMA!
I can see the 3D tour working great on very clean, well staged, possibly new, upper end homes, but for a lot of the older, smaller affordable housing it might be a detractor in presentation.
@paullaz Hi Paul! Thanks for your comment. We really pride ourselves on bringing transparency to the homebuying process and that's why we love this technology. We're able to give potential buyers a deeper look than ever before and potentially save them time or find a hidden gem that they may have skipped over previously.
@_rsamuelson It's definitely a great technology and will benefit certain types of homes and environments. Some homes just aren't ready for their close ups without their makeup.
@paullaz You're totally right, Paul. The nice part of this feature is that while it's great for buyers, it's really a unique add-on for our sellers. With that said, sellers are more than welcome to opt out if their home isn't ready for a close up!
Love seeing in this action. @Rebecca - how many listing right now feature the 3D walkthrough?
@jimmymackin Thanks, Jimmy! Currently, we have 28 listings in Seattle with the Redfin 3D Walkthrough, but this will continue to grow and change as we roll it out to all of our markets.
Thanks @_rsamuelson Can you speak to the time it takes to create a 3D walkthrough? Again, great work.
@jimmymackin It definitely varies by house size, but on average it takes a couple hours to complete the scan.
This is truly incredible experience. A leap ahead for checking out a house.
@joshelman Thanks, Josh!