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Redefinio is an online resume builder which has WYSIWYG resume editor, beautiful templates, colorful themes, cv writing tips and everything else you might need to create your stunning resume.
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This is the builder you want. While there are many tools with of bloat functionality or wizard type UIs, Redefinio keeps it simple and clean and does the job god damn well. Keep it up
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Hello, hunters and makers! My name is Erikas, I am the co-founder and product-lead of Redefinio. 👋 As a designer, I’ve been asked for help with making beautiful resumes quite frequently. I always helped my friends but at one point I realized it takes too much time and they could do it themselves with an online builder. I took some time testing different tools and all of them seemed too hard to use or too expensive or lacked aesthetic templates. At the end, I had nothing to recommend. 🤔 That’s when I thought the world needs a hassle-free resume builder which works on the ‘what you see is what you get’ principle. ⭐️ It took me more than 2 years working with different freelance developers and not launching the product. I'm glad that somehow I finally found the right fit (thanks to my brother Laurynas and ex-colleague Tautvilas who joined as co-founders to build Redefinio!). We're super stoked to launch the product and hope to get as much feedback as possible as it will help to improve Redefinio. 🙌 ✅ 'What you see is what you get' builder ✅ Tips when editing resume ✅ 6 great looking professional templates ✅ Many colour themes to choose from ✅ Mobile responsive (both builder and resumes!) ✅ Download PDF or share resume URL 🔜 LinkedIn/Facebook sign up with data import 🔜 Font-size selector (Spacious/Default/Compact) to always fit the A4 page size
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Beautiful product for designing resumes! Are you able to split the content into several pages?
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks! Currently resume has single page layout for the web version and pdf is split into pages automatically if you have a lot of content. We plan to add the indication of pdf page splitting as a feature in editor soon.
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@tautvilasm Sounds great. Awesome work 🙌
Hey! The service is really good and convinient to use. Each template has the most important sections and design is also good. But there are a lot of similar services. For example, Novoresume ( And some of them have more templates and more options to change the design. Why should customers choose your service instead of many others? What is your killer feature?
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@ira_korneliuk Thanks for the feedback! We feel that most of the resume builders are too complicated to use. They have plenty of features, many text styles etc. but I believe that sometimes product should limit the user so the outcome would be the best possible. Also, I think the market for resumes is very big as every person who's looking for a job needs a resume. We're about to target ones who care about aesthetics and great user experience. Btw, our killer feature (most of resume builders don't have it) is "what you see is what you get" builder.
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@erikasaves okay! Thank you for explanation:) keep up the pace
Great work guys!
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