Crowdfunding projects backed by Reddit community

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A few thoughts: First: when you browse all the offerings on you don't get the feeling of "quality". It looks like some of these are test products; but if they're real user submitted products, there could definitely be some better filtering of submissions. (Maybe they should have taken a page out of @rrhoover's playbook and made the initial site invite-only). Second: is it odd that you don't sign in with your Reddit username + password? Third: what's the advantage of me using this over other crowdfunding tools? Do I get automatic upvotes for posting a "redditmade" URL?
@mijustin @rrhoover I thought the same thing when I clicked point #1. Most of it looked like poorly designed t-shirts.
If only I could give more than 1 upvote to a site that constantly gets a community to do great things all over the world.
I'm afraid of the day when 4chan launches their own crowdfunding site
Crowdfunded, community-created merchandise. Very cool. This reminds me of @walkerteespring's talk yesterday. He spoke about Teespring and its ability to enable communities and passionate people to assemble around an idea (and in their case, easily manufacture and distribute t-shirts).
Thanks @rrhoover! We're excited to see Reddit embrace the model, anything that helps communities grow and engage is exciting in our book.
@rrhoover @walkerteespring I'm reminded of the guy who did Shirt Was Cash ( He basically got in touch with creators of memes that originated on Reddit and licensed the rights to create shirts from them. Apparently the most popular was the pants shirt, It seems everyone and their dog is launching a Crowdfunding site these days, but it certainly adds an interesting outlet for the collective creativity that is Reddit.
I don't think Reddit knows what it community wants. They should improve the core product itself, work on turning that into a bigger business/better product.
@brackin Building a platform for something that was already being done ad-hoc in the community sounds like a pretty good improvement to the core product, personally.