Reddit Under 100

Stop wasting time on Reddit threads where you won't be seen

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"Here’s a Chrome extension that will help you stop wasting time on threads where you have no hope of being seen. Use Reddit Under 100 to highlight threads with fewer than 100 comments." "It’s simple. You install the extension by adding it to Chrome. Make sure to check “Allow in Incognito” if you want it to work in incognito mode. Then when you’re on Reddit, hit the Q key to toggle highlighting on and off. (Yes, this means it might inadvertently toggle while you’re typing into Reddit if you hit Q, but is that really a big deal?) When you hit Q, any threads on the page with fewer than 100 comments will be highlighted with a purple background. This lets you easily see which ones are worth your time."
I would think I have less chance to be seen on threads with 100+ comments, no?
@jeffrey_wyman Exactly. This highlights the ones with fewer than 100 comments, so you can find them more easily and engage there instead of the ones with too many comments where you won't be seen.