reddit shell

Web-based shell for browsing reddit (pretend you're working)

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 12, 2015
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Can you make a Product Hunt version of this, @jasonbee? πŸ™
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@rrhoover yes, working on it :D
@jasonbeee I love you 😚
@rrhoover ily2 (not finished but you get the idea)
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@jasonbeee wow, you're fast! πŸ™Œ
Interact with reddit via command line using common linux commands! note: may not work on certain mobile devices - some fail to register key input Features: - Browse public subreddits, posts, comments, users, and search results. - Iterate through post comments and comment chains. - Autocomplete commands, subreddits, and usernames with tab (double tap for list view) - Account authentication via OAuth2 - Upvote or downvote posts and comments - Post comments to posts and reply to comments - Display inline images for post results If you've got ideas for new features, ease of use, anything - please comment! reddit shell is open source:
@jasonbeee reminds me of the BBS scene from way back.
Awesome. But why? πŸ˜„
@charlesjo No specific reason, I've just always found reddit browsers disguised as other things fun. You might recall from a while back. Sometimes I like doing projects just "because" with no other goal than to see if I can do it :D
It doesn't work in an actual terminal does it? That would be awesome.
@hintoftexture No, it's just emulating a terminal. That would be sweet though!
@hintoftexture npm install reddit-shell #itwouldbeawesome
Something about taking things and making them work well in command line always makes me smile. Great job here!
@linkchef I know exactly what you mean! Thank you!