A gram of entertainment for Reddit.

Another client for Reddit, but this time, it's not just a client. It's a different way of browsing photos, GIFs, memes and other things there!
Created to please your eyes, fulfill your visual needs and make your fingers rest. Double tap to show your love.
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Hey! I'm Albert, 19 yo web/mobile developer. I found myself browsing through subreddits with majestic photos, like r/EarthPorn, r/NatureIsFuck*ngLit, r/CityPorn and similar and I came up with an idea to create a mobile app, similar to the ones you already know which allows scrolling through photos from those (and other) subreddits. The app supports GIFs too (although it may not be fully working for everything, let me know if something's wrong!). Double-tap photo to upvote it (after you sign in to Reddit), long-tap to see post title. It's written in Flutter, currently available only for Android.
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I like the idea but I can't find my subreddits although I successfully authorized the app from Reddit's website and am logged in. "No subreddits. Subscribe to some!"
@ashorlivs Hey, thanks for checking out the app! Reddigram has its own set of subscriptions, because you probably want to have them separate from your actual Reddit subs (you may sub to some news etc. subs that aren't going to be entertaining). Although, I see that you might benefit from an import subscriptions feature, I'm adding that to my todo list!
@ashorlivs @albert_wolszon What he means to say is that you can subscribe to /r/gonewild with this and it's not going to show up on your main account
@rossdcurrie @albert_wolszon got the idea but then what's the point in connecting my account to the app? If you really want to make an alternative subscription system this should be optional if connecting account, or the only way to go but without account connection.
@ashorlivs connecting to your Reddit account IS optional! :) It allows you to upvote posts and syncs your subscriptions with the backend. If you're not connected to Reddit, your subscriptions are only saved on your device.
Saw your project at Junction and totally blown away. Found this app of yours and love the idea. I wonder if I can find the Junction project demo of your team anywhere as I want to show my friends how cool it is.