Hosting, analytics, growth, and monetization for podcasts

RedCircle is a community-driven podcasting platform with free hosting, powerful analytics, a first-of-its-kind cross-promotion marketplace, and monetization opportunities. It's everything you need to take your podcast to the next level.
Hi everyone! We're super excited to be publicly launching RedCircle over the last few weeks. With our cross-promotions marketplace, our dedicated ad sales team, and our new tipping feature, we're steaming ahead in helping independent podcasters take their work to the next level. And we're just getting started. We're a small team of ex-Uber software people with big goals to help independent podcasters turn their podcast into their job. #BeHeard Let us know what you think! We'd love any feedback on the product. Have a feature you'd like to see in your podcast workflow? Let us know.
HI Mike, congrats on the launch. Will be keeping an eye on RedCircle in the coming months. All the best.
@mikekadin I don't see any pricing details? I am actually very interested.
@mikekadin @gregghoush Hi Greg! RedCircle is completely free. We don't have any bandwidth or upload limits. We don't make money from you, but rather with you! You can see more details here:
@mikekadin @emily_reinhold That is awesome. Your home page doesn't give that impression. Normally when I see a site just trying its hardest to get me signed up, and not mentioning a price it's a bad sign. It makes me not want to signup, I feel like someone is trying to get me locked in to a platform before hitting me with the price. So I usually leave that page as fast as I can. Might want to do something on the home page to fix that.
@emily_reinhold @gregghoush Thanks a ton for the feedback! We do say its free in some of the first text on the page, but we can definitely be more explicit.