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A marketplace of iOS apps with full source code

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Hi All, Maker/Co-Founder here. Thanks for the Feature @producthunt !!! We released our Native iOS development framework a few months ago right here on Product Hunt and we had an awesome response with a ton of great feedback: ( Thanks to everyone who commented, got in touch and tried out the Framework. One of the most requested features since then has been for us to provide App source code for complete end to end apps, for users to either learn with full example apps or to help jumpstart their projects. So today we’re announcing the Redbeard Marketplace as a place where customers can purchase complete end to end native (Obj-C/Swift) apps developed exclusively by the Redbeard Team. We’ll have clones of some of the biggest brands out there so you get to know how an App like Twitter is developed for example. We’re launching with 2 Apps, Taskeedo (Which is totally FREE) and RBnB, our AirBnB inspired clone that’s available for $149. Use code PHLAUNCH to get a huge 65% OFF the purchase price (Exclusive to the first 150 customers, so hurry!).
@ansar why do you think someone will want to buy a PH clone? Please explain
@dainiskanopa I think the PH iOS app is pretty slick and I'm sure a lot of new developers out there would love to know how something like this is built. It doesn't necessarily mean they want to launch a competitor but just something that has similar User Experience/ UI. When we were first starting out with iOS dev a long time ago we were always on the hunt for great end to end examples that could help us learn quicker.
Nice - I would add a list of developers using this framework to hire for custom apps
@steveraffner wow, very interesting idea! Thanks for the suggestion
@steveraffner it would both incentivise devs to use it (as they can get more work) and build your community at the same time. Brilliant idea.
@taiyab that is my job 😉
What is the timeline for adding lots more apps? (may be a little bit misleading to call it a marketplace with only 1 app on offer right now)
@bentossell Hi Ben. We're aiming to try and add a new App every 4-6 weeks. Right now we're trying to get a feel for whether there's any demand moving forward with Objective-C or if we should just concentrate all our efforts on Swift only (It's very time consuming having to write each app twice). So it's a decision we're hoping the community can help us with. Calling it a Marketplace because we'd like to keep the option open for longterm of allowing 3rd party devs to sell their source here. Though we want to maintain the highest quality and so right now we're doing everything in-house with our own team.
@ansar @bentossell You should also gauge demand for React Native apps. I'd recommend you throw something up there and collect emails for those interested.
Great idea guys! Creating a marketplace of starting projects out of your framework is a brilliant way for monetization :) I would also add a "contact list" of developers that can help non tech guys going on with development, as @steveraffner suggested. Plus, about the "Help Us Decide", I really like it and I would add some sort of app by which your customers can create revenues :) Are you also offering sort of backoffice/backend for the one that want to buy an app?
@thebliz @steveraffner Hi Simone, Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean customization services for the apps? This may be something we'll look into.
@ansar I mean sort of backoffice directly connected with the app eg using an api platform :) This way your customer not only will have the app, but also some backend functionalities to handle data inside the app. We are working on something like that for ecommerce, but only on a backend/backoffice level :)
@kevinguebert @khalil_leo @steveraffner @thebliz would love to hear your thoughts on: 1 - Is our price point fair 2 - Is the proposition something you yourself would purchase honest feedback welcome :)
1 - is a bit hard to evaluate price model since only one app has it. For the AirBnb clone I personally believe that is a cheap price, but as I stated in my previous comment a user would have an easy onboarding with a backend that allow to manage data :) 2 - I find the proposition useful, and I would use it instead of starting from scratch if I see that the quality of the code is good and is easy to maintain/modify. Still main problem would be that I need to connect a way to manage the data :) Conclusion: I really like the idea and I would use it paying for it, but right now I think there is a data management issue. I'd like the idea to test our api inside your framework, it's just a problem of lack of time right now ;)
@zahid I am an idea guy - I often need to develop working MVP apps but the price barrier to develop them is killing most of my dreams. Having good devs using a great framework doing my MVP for less than 500$ would be a killer offer at my opinion.
So only 1 app available right now?
@khalil_leo Yes that's correct. We’re working up to having a whole catalogue of the most popular applications. With a view to creating good quality usable apps that users can take and modify for their needs. Right now you can purchase our AirBnB inspired clone and get 65% using the discount code 'PHLAUNCH'
@zahid @khalil_leo There's also the free app (Taskeedo) you can download and try.