Redacted for iOS

Easily obscure parts of an image

Hide sensitive details in an image by simply clicking and dragging. Copy and paste in and out of Redacted for super quick sharing. Pick from three different redaction styles or mix and match. Quickly import an image into Redacted or simply paste and image to get going. When you're done, share it!

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I made Redacted for Mac ( awhile back and was really surprised but how much people use it! Finally decided to finish the iOS version. You can *really* quickly grab an image from your library, most recent, or take a photo then tap and drag to redact part of it. Then you can save it, copy it, or share it to wherever with the standard iOS share sheet. Simple as that. I was thinking I'd make this $1.99. Making it $0.99 for the first week though! Let me know what you think!
@soffes smooth move Michael McMichaelson!
@soffes nice app! Well done! 😊
@soffes finally, I've been waiting & checking the blog! This is brilliant, I've bought the Mac app and would love to have the first week for $0,99! I think I more purchases would come from it in the first week; nonetheless, I'd buy.
I've been using the Redacted Mac app since @soffes launched it a few years ago. Nice work, sir. 👏🏼
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! You're Redacted's biggest fan ❤️
Great application finally on iOS! 🤘 Congrats on a launch, @soffes Regarding pricing question: I think $1.99 is a fair price for such product.
I use Annotate for iOS, for this purpose. Has way more custom options performable on the image.
This is great news! I've been using the Mac version for a while now, and it definitely fills a void. Sure, there are already apps to hide parts of an image, but I just love the simplicity and design of Redacted.