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Avoid over-toying: Reverse registry for children’s books

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Nina Sodhi
Nina SodhiMaker@nsodhi · Founder, Red Antler Books
Hi Product Hunters! As a parent of a 2 year old, I’m becoming more mindful about not-overtoying my son. For his 2nd birthday, I tried to find a tool that helped me encourage people to gift him books instead of toys/clothes/gear. My goals were to (a) not have to come up with a wishlist of books, but rather get suggestions from guests and (b) avoid duplicates of books we already had. I couldn’t find anything that did this, so I built a tool for myself and Red Antler Books was born. Check out my MVP at Would love the PH community’s feedback on what you think of the concept. Is this a tool you (or a parent you know) would use? Here is a video that describes Red Antler is more detail:
And to see Red Antler in action, you can take a peak at my son’s registry at which I used for his party at the end of June. I'm looking for more beta testers, so if you're interested in using Red Antler for your kids sign up on the website and I'll get back to you today to get started. Red Antler was accelerated by Nextt, an accelerator for ideas. And we’re honored to have been selected as the winning startup at Nextt’s Decision Day!
Yuriy Shikhanovich
Yuriy Shikhanovich@uxiomatic · Developer, UXiomatic
Looks neat. Was gonna suggest a scanning app but look like you're already on it.
Nina Sodhi
Nina SodhiMaker@nsodhi · Founder, Red Antler Books
@pyro979 thanks! We are going to build our own scanning apps (maybe even photo recognition of several book spines at once), but in the meanwhile are recommending 3rd party apps to users. (Here are the ones we are pointing users to!...).
ajay rajani
ajay rajani@ajr771 · Aspiring merchant of progress
Great seeing Red Antler Books here on PH, Nina! Can you share a bit about how some of your current/signed up beta users are using/plan to use the product?
Nina Sodhi
Nina SodhiMaker@nsodhi · Founder, Red Antler Books
@ajr771 Great question! My initial users fall into two categories - registry for a birthday party and a tool for ongoing library expansion. In the first category (birthday party), users use Red Antler to communicate that they prefer books (vs toys/cloths). These folks have an invite they put the link to Red Antler on, and their guests are active on the site for a few weeks leading up to the party. The second category (ongoing library expansion), parents are using Red Antler to manage and grow their kids' libraries at home. Either they are looking for recommendations for themselves to purchase books, or to steer friends and family who want to get a random gift for their child towards books.