See if you can recycle something or not ♻️

Recyclinator is a simple web application that tells people whether an object is recyclable or not. Its easy UI lets people take photographs of objects and get results with just one touch.
Vanessa Syphax-Walker
  • Vanessa Syphax-Walker
    Vanessa Syphax-Walker65+ wife, mother, grandma & ex-bippie.

    If this app functions as promised, could possibly be a necessary app for anyone serious about recycling.


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    Will update my review, if needed, once I have installed the app.

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Helping us get one step closer to a better world. Thanks, Recyclinator :)
A lot of countries have started segregating garbage into recyclable and non recyclable. But many times, a lot of people won't be familiar with the items that can be recycled or not. It is beneficial to remember such information but not everyone can do that. To help that, we present a web application which tells you if an object is recyclable or not. But what is special about this? You don't have to put in name of things and search for items. You just click a photo of the object and the app will tell you which garbage bin to throw it into.
Very useful product, I never have any idea which trash can to put stuff in, and I'm sure I do it wrong all the time. Could you talk more about how it works? How does it recognize the images, and how accurate is it? What technologies did you use?
@dkb868 I'm glad our product could help! Our GitHub repo has all the code to get it running. We use TensorFlow 2.0 to make the model and to deploy it. Frontend is JavaScript and backend is Python+Flask. It is basically modelled as an Image Recognition problem. We used the VGG16 architecture to recognise the object. Then we cross-reference it with a dictionary to tell which objects are recyclable. The overall accuracy on the ImageNet dataset is about 75%. We didn't individually calculate the accuracy of recyclable classes
Nice product but here in France recycling rules depends on the city. So...
@valdecarpentrie I totally agree with you. We're searching for APIs that let us connect the objects and recycling laws. We would like to incorporate that
This is so great, my co-workers are constantly asking if this is recycle or compost.