Subscription Billing Automation

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Kevin Strasser
Kevin Strasser@kjstrasser · CEO TribeBoost / Founder MoSquatch
Everyone talks about Stripe and they are a great company, but I love Recurly. We have used Recurly for over three years for @TribeBoost and I can say Recurly has never let us down. Not once. Great product, great customer service, great all around. Also worth noting is that if your business has gotten to the point of decent volume, Recurly likely will prove to be much cheaper than Stripe. Just looking at our bill for last month and calculating what Stripe would have cost: Stripe = $506.09 Recurly = our bill was $281.76 That is nearly double the cost.
Jean-Baptiste Coger
Jean-Baptiste CogerHiring@jb_coger · Cofounder, Plato
@kjstrasser Hello Kevin. Thanks for your insights. Quick question: isn't recurly on top of stripe and you'd need to pay both fees? It seemed to me that Recurly would sit on top of payment providers. Let me know if I'm wrong.
G Riar
G Riar@deprigomedia · CEO @ Deprigo / Founder @
@kjstrasser @jb_coger That's correct, Recurly requires Payment Gateway, ie, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Etc. Payment Gateway will have their own set of fees ie, 2.95% + $.30 per transaction.