Recruiting 101 for Startups

A guide for startups on how to recruit your first hires.

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The folks at Weirdly spent a long time putting together this awesome guide for founders looking to hire new staff for their startup. Well worth a read if you're hiring.
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@1greigcranfield thanks heaps Greig! We’ve been seeing loads of startups really struggle hiring their first 10-15 people. Founders either have to throw heaps of money away on expensive recruiters, or try to fumble their own way through a Do-It-Yourself recruitment process (while still juggling everything else). We’ve been doing this hiring stuff for a long time, so we thought we could get some of our expertise down into a guide and help make life a bit easier for everyone!
@kerenyp Hi Karen, I just found this resource, but I can't download it. Is it still available?
@kerenyp @mitkayanakieva doesn't seem to be available.. this should be deleted.
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Thanks Weirdly - this is awesome - can't believe I've never seen something like this before - so useful and practical. Two things stood out for me: * The sections on culture and values are so usable - I've read a lot of stuff around this over the years but yet to see anyone convert the theory into usable practice. * The tips on interview questions are very good - our founders have done a lot of recruiting over the years and invested in learning how to do it well - but I still find myself not fully equipped - your book fills a real gap. Reckon you could go on and grow this into a bigger book or series.
@brettherkt Cheers Brett! We wanted to make it really practical - with actual templates people could use, step-by-step guides to help with decision-making and checklists. No-one’s got time for reading piles of fluffy stuff about hiring philosophy (although if you do, we can recommend some other books!).
@brettherkt nice idea on the bigger book or series too. Any ideas for stuff you'd like to see us add/cover?
@kerenyp @brettherkt In no particular order: - expand on 'consider rough diamond vs. tons of experience' i.e. how long it will take to get some roles productive, what overhead that will impose on the people training and mentoring them. - some examples of defined company culture, perhaps companies you know or your company or a well know company (mocked up) - a worked example for choosing the values your brand stands for - how did Weirdly do theres... bit of discussion - how has it all worked in practice - same for 'bring your culture to life' - how to do job board ads really well with some examples - we're competing for developers in a 'employees' market - noticed we've gotten more and better candidates as we've improved our ads Guess it depends on how deep you want to go into helping us recruit and how many folk are searching for this type of resource....
@brettherkt Good ideas there Brett - cheers! We've lightly worked on a few of those topics in blog posts over the past year (check but it'd be awesome to get stuck into a bit more detail in a 1.2 version of the guide!
@kerenyp @brettherkt There's a great book 'Rookie smarts' that touches on the rough diamond vs experience discussion, worth a read.