Software to source, engage and recruit candidates

Recruiterflow makes it dead simple for recruiters to source candidates with 1-click and put them in an email sequence that doubles their response rate without any extra effort. With features like team collaboration, interview assessments, calendar and email syncing, it is the complete toolset for a modern recruiter.

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Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! Hey Everyone, Super excited to be here. Recruiterflow is built with keeping sourcing focused recruiters in mind. Relying on applicants only for your recruiting doesn't work anymore and every recruiter has to get their hands dirty with sourcing and cold outreach to candidates. With Recruiterflow, you can 👉 Source candidates with 1-click with our chrome extension. You can even find candidates' personal email ids. 👉 Run super personalized email sequences that convert twice as well as inmails or generic email outreach. 👉Track all the candidate activity, share notes with the team and run a strctured recruiting operation with interview scorecards. 👉Create a beautiful careers page without any code and post jobs to various job boards. P.S.: We are thrilled offer a 30 days free trial to all hunters and 40% discount on our annual plan. Just ping us with code PH40 on live chat after you signup.
@kwdinc @mananshah212 , This is really awesome Manan. Congratulations for your product launch :) Will definitely try this out when we will do our next hiring. Few thoughts if you are planning to do B2B sales : a) Reach out to companies who have recently raised funds because these are the companies who will be expanding and trying out different tools in the market which can aid their process of recruitment. Pitching them at right moment will help you get an advantage over others. b)Reach out to SAAS/internet companies who are hiring for multiple roles with employee strength less than 500.Big size firms usually outsource it to staffing companies. Would be happy to discuss in detail (Y)
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks for the tip. We will try it out :)
"Doubles the response rate" what data is this claim based on, and why is it the case the response rate doubles? @mananshah212 @amri_anand @nareshenoy
Hey @abadesi Response rates double compared to Inmails or emails with no automated follow ups. This data is based on our early users' sequences and the data they reported before using sequences and after using Recruiterflow sequences. We believe there are a few factors leading to this. 1) The emails sent are super personalised and sent via users' gsuite/outlook mailbox. Unlike other campaigns and inmails, they don't go to promotions/updates tab. 2) We don't allow our users to write non personalised email and cap at 500 emails a day. This drastically controls what they can do. 3) Sequences have always worked better than one off emails. A little bit of following up always increases responses. We have seen that nearly half the responses come from second and third email.
Really easy to use and intuitive recruiting platform. Our team is digging it. 👍
This looks like a great product. Does it also integrate with angelist? I have been using mostly for my hiring.
@salilpa We currently don't integrate with angelist. They don't have an open API. We would as soon as they open it up :).
Great work guys! It has turned around our tech recruiting at Dunzo!