Record screen right from browser. No installation required. is the easiest way to record a video of your screen. It works right inside your browser, no installation is needed.
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I think this is great! Very easy to use. A couple of improvements I'd like to see: 1) A timer before it starts recording, so that I'm not instantly recording (which I'd have to cut out later) 2) Export to an alternative video format like MP4.
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@alextrup Thank you for great suggestions. I think we should add a timer. As for mp4 export, we will have to check how to accomplish encoding.
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@asadmemonpk once users download the video, it can easily be converted to whatever format one needs.
@alextrup @asadmemonpk you should check out for all the video stuff. mp4 support (amongst many other things) built right in
Hello Product Hunt, Most screen recording tools out there need to be installed and then surprise you with a watermark or a time-limit unless you buy the full version. We built to solve this once and for all. works right out of your browser. It's the quickest way to record screen, mic and (optionally) camera. There are no limits on time or resolution and no watermarks. Please do try and let us know what you think!
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hello there, congrats on launch ! Why should i use this instead of loom ? How do you plan to make money ? Cheers !
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@francoolaami The free version gives you HD quality (although the format is not mp4, and they lack a timer).

Love how simple this is!


SUPER slick!



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This is wonderfully simple! Can you talk any about the tech you used? I saw a link to the Zero server, what sort of stuff are you using browser side to build this? It's not open source, is it?
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