Send audio messages on Slack (with Speech-to-Text) 🎀

Recordfy is the easiest way to send audio messages directly on Slack.

Simply use /record slash command to start recording your audio. No external integration needed! When you're finished, your audio is uploaded to your Slack channel or direct message as an attachment.

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Yan Martins
Just looking around...
Hi πŸ‘‹ Product Hunt! Recordfy is a simple tool that enables you to send audio messages directly on Slack. You can send it directly to team members or channels. You also have the option to send Speech-to-Text transcription (powered by Google Cloud Platform) with your audio. Why is this awesome? - not everyone likes listening to audio messages (or might not be in a place where it's possible); - text messages are searchable, so you can easily find an audio message later; ⚑️ How does it work? After installing Recordfy on your Slack workspace, you can start an audio recording by using the /record slash command. Audio messages are uploaded to your chat (as an attachment) and can be played directly on Slack. If you enable Speech-to-Text, the transcription will be sent as a reply to your audio message. πŸ—„ Where are the audios stored? In your own Slack workspace, so you have full control. Looking forward to your feedback!

Amazing tool! \o/


Super easy to install and use.


I can't record inside Slack app.