Make 3D Videos using your iPhone, view them in AR and more📈

Give your videos new dimension with 3D. Experience the Hologram-like effect (True3D).
Live-Stream Point Clouds to your computer via USB (C++, Python libs)!
Privacy-focused (no tracking, no analytics, everything on-device).
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I don't have an iPhone but this is pretty wild. I'd have a ton of fun playing around with it (and surely finding some practical applications for it as well). Looks solid!
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@chris_germano Thank you, Chris :)!
Thank you for hunting me, @chrismessina ! Hello fellow Product Hunters! 👋 I'm excited to share with you my second iOS app — Record3D. But first, big shout-out to @jimmygunawanapp without whom I would have never started developing it! With Record3D, you will shoot 3D Videos and be able to relive your captured moments in AR (or non-AR), sound included! You can export your videos into glTF animation or sequence of PLY files. USDZ support is comming. Hologram-like effect (True3D) What I am particularly proud of (and what took me a lot of effort and quite a few sleepless nights 😴 to pull off) is the Hologram-like optical illusion that I call True3D. It's a parallax view effect which leverages head tracking to make you think your iPhone is a window into 3D world behind the screen, where your 3D Video lives! Be sure to check out the GIF in Gallery to understand. This is all possible thanks to the TrueDepth selfie camera. Something for Developers and Digital Artists In case you are a Developer or Digital Artist, there is something for you too; live-streaming of Point Clouds (RGBD video) from your device into your computer via USB cable. C++ and Python libraries included — open source and multiplatform (macOS, Linux, Windows)! Privacy focused Do you hate being watched and tracked by apps? Me too — that's why Record3D is privacy-focused and contains no tracking, analytics nor other invasive nonsense (similar to my first app, Heges)! Needless to say, all processing takes place on your device, all data is yours and not shared with anyone/anything. Demo 3D Videos Curious how does a 3D video looks like? I uploaded two of them on Sketchfab: Hand animation @10FPS, Hand animation @30FPS — careful, resource intensive, might crash your browser (save your work before opening the links). Features I plan to include in future updates: · Exporting 3D Videos into animated USDZ with sound · Simple 3D Video-editing tools · Upload to Sketchfab · Plugin for Blender · In case of wider interest, plugins for Unity and Houdini Please let me know your what do you think (and what feature you would like to see added the most), I'm looking forward to your feedback 😊! Cheers, Marek
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This is pretty cool. When I went to try it out, I was concerned that I was going to waste my 3 videos just getting to understand how it all works. A few more than 3 wouldn't hurt and would help get people "hooked." A tutorial or a help button that brings up an overlay with button names, would be helpful. I had trouble placing my objects in AR, but maybe that's because my 3D videos were'nt very good.
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@jbatutis Hello Joe! thank you for your feedback! I'm probably going to change the 3 free videos to 5 or more in the next update. I agree that a textual description of the buttons would be great to have and am going to think about how to incorporate it so that it's the least intrusive. Regarding placement in AR: it was a tough decision for me to come up with the controls; most of AR apps let you place a 3D object onto a flat surface. However, by being restricted to flat surfaces, you can usually rotate a model only around the vertical (Y) axis. I didn't want to introduce this limitation because you can record videos that are tilted (or want to tilt the videos yourself) and placing a tilted video onto a surface isn't much fun. To overcome this, I came up with this analogy for controlling AR objects: 1. 3D Videos can be scaled by pinching. 2. If you want to move or rotate a video, you tap and hold your finger anywhere on the screen and the movements your iPhone/iPad are transfered into the movement of the video. Think about is as if you were grabbing the model through your screen (if that makes any sense). I am very much open to suggestions for improvement of the 3D controls!
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Absolutely love it