Record with Friends 2.0

Easy remote podcasting for a distributed world, by Anchor

With more people creating podcasts right now than ever, today Anchor is making it easier to record your conversations with anyone, wherever they are in the world, from any device.
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Hi PH community - hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and optimistic in this difficult time. Today, Anchor is releasing an all new version of our remote podcasting tool, Record with Friends, now in beta. Like all of you, the team at Anchor is adjusting to ever evolving constraints and circumstances right now. Given the distributed world we’re now living in, we’re also hearing from our users that there’s an increased need for tools that can adapt to the current situation. So today, after working quickly over the past few weeks to expand Record with Friends’ functionality, we’re making it a little bit easier to record with others, even from a distance. Now up to 4 people can join your podcast recording from any device, on desktop or mobile, with or without an Anchor account. And on mobile, your guests don’t need to download the Anchor app - they can record directly through their mobile web browser. This means it’s incredibly easy for anyone to join your podcast, whether that’s a friend, family member, or expert you want to have a quick conversation with for your podcast. Like Anchor’s other features, it’s available globally and 100% free to use. We hope today’s release will make it a little bit easier for us all to talk with each other, share stories, and capture conversations to share with the world through podcasting. Let me know if you have any questions, and stay safe!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! I'll shall be using this very soon.
I actually love Anchor. One thing I've been puzzled about is why you can't use an external microphone when recording with friends. Is this something which will come or is there a technical reason this isn't possible?
Sorry, my words may feel you, I'm biased, but I'm not biased, it's my loyalty about an excellent tool which is free to use with several premium functionalities. AnchorFM is so refreshing to use and handy tool ever I used. The sound editing, adding background music. I'm running a show "WP Weekly by Gtarafdar" with the Anchor FM. And with this podcast with friends will help you to take virtual interviews. As most of us in Quarantine situation so it will help you a lot to run your online podcast show staying at home. I hope this tool helps you a lot.