Record Bird 2.0

Get notified whenever your favorite artists drop new music

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Whenever one of your favorite 🎧 artists is doing something Record Bird will let you know. No app download needed. The news gets delivered directly into your 📱 Facebook Messenger. It's a clear and lightweight use case for going with the Messenger platform compared to not only building native apps but also having to build up your own delivery and notification mechanisms.
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@__tosh, thanks for the hunt! We're really excited to launch V2 of our chatbot today. As you already described, we're most excited that the bot now allows for a personalised user experience. With the user's permission, we take a look at your Facebook music likes, match them with our system and drop you a message whenever your favourite artists announce/release new music. Excited for everyone's feedback, here to answer all your questions today!
@mahringer_a I like the concept! Unfortunately, I don't use Facebook at all. Please add support for push notifications via text messages.
@shakurgreen Hey, thanks for that input. If you want to check out our iOS app (, it already features this functionality for e.g. Spotify and Apple Music/iTunes. Once imported, we can also send you notifications via the bot. On top, the app offers even deeper functionality, like videos and tracks on SoundCloud etc. Let me know what you think! :)
@mahringer_a I definitely like the UI. I'll play around with the application for a week or two before giving feedback. I will also pass the app along to a couple of friends and post their feedback as well. I do have one suggestion for the next update . . . please add a dark mode! 😌 Good build, Andreas 👌🏾
@shakurgreen that sounds perfect, thanks so much for taking the time. Pls feel free to reach out any time here on PH or via the app / email ( and let me know what you think. Haha, i like it... I just forwarded your suggestion to the team! :) Love it! Thanks man
Hey @__tosh, thanks for the hunt! We're really excited to launch V2 of our chatbot today. Most importantly, the bot allows for a personalised user experience. We are now able to take a look at your Facebook music likes, match them with our system and drop you a message whenever your favourite artists announce/release new music. Yes, you read that right! :) Here to answer all your questions today!
@mahringer_a this is really cool. Next thing you should add is music that I have Shazam'd
@varundave love the idea, will check if #shazam offers a public API! Thx bro!
Really interesting. Could you explain how do you monitor ALL the artists and their releases?
@perpetuous thanks man. Sure, more than happy to: So we partner directly with the music industry for validated release information which we then match with our database. On top, we work with the leading online distributors (e.g. amazon, itunes) so you can also stream/preorder new music. In our iOS app ( we also feature e.g. new videos, or new tracks on SoundCloud - these kind of updates are coming to the bot soon! :)
@mahringer_a thanks! BTW, awesome landing :D Like it so much.
@perpetuous Haha, thanks man, appreciate the love! <3
This is V2 of your version, so i guess Bots are a success-case for Recordbird. Did you ask users what kind of features they like in the app and which ones serviced as a Bot? Is the bot a trigger to bring more users into the app or a stand alone channel?
@quadres oh absolutely, we learned a massive amount in the last months: 1) The more personalised the experience, the more engaged the users. This is why users can follow THEIR artists with a single click. Curated content is less relevant to people. 2) I think that 2017 will be the year, where users will reach a broader understanding of what to expect from a bot and what not. Bots are not yet a full fledged AI that you can speak to, no matter what. That's also one of the things the team at Facebook remarked! They're focusing their experiences more on UI elements within messenger and less on written conversations. I mean, who likes text messaging anyways, right? :) 3) I think of it more as a product within out current mix, both, for different users but also use cases compared to our iOS app. Our most engaged users won't give up their app for a bot experience. But bots offer a fantastic way to enable a first experience with a product. On top, it is super useful for less frequent users, who need specific information at a certain point in time - maybe even while having a conversation over messenger with a friend. It think especially the question of context is a huge one, super interested in what your thoughts are on this!
Hi Andreas, I've been a huge fan of Record Bird since the very beginning. Are there any plans for an Android version of your app as well?
@florian_lettner thanks so much for the kind words! Absolutely, we're hiring for android at this very moment: Let me know if you know anyone! :) cheers