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The markdown note-taking app that aims to be everything desktop users have always wanted. Minimally disruptive and maximally efficient.

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Remie Smith
Hello Product Hunters! My name is Remie, which is somehow pronounced Rayme ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, and I built Recollectr, a minimally disruptive note-taking app for desktop! Recollectr is built in the image of incredible earlier projects like Notational Velocity, but with a business plan which should allow for indefinite ongoing development, meaning you won't fall in love just to see it go unsupported in the future. About me: I'm something of a generalist. My past 10 years of work has seen me move from IT helpdesk work, to SEO, to brand management, to web development, to server administration, to quality assurance tester, and finally to Recollectr, which has been an incredible experience that draws on all my previous work, and demands I learn so much more still. My quest started when I found that taking notes across my many disparate jobs was really disrupting my work, and ditching notes went even worse. I searched high and low for the solution to my woes before settling on the absurd idea of building my own solution. Many more free and paid features are planned, but I promise you now, no bloat! Current free features include: - Global Hotkey - Search/Create Omnibox - Natural language reminders - Real-time markdown conversion - Keyboard-focused interface - Syntax highlighting - Image support - Window pinning and zooming - Bracket matching & more! Current paid features include: - Cloud backup and sync - Zero knowledge encryption If you appreciate Recollectr, Premium is currently available at the steep, steep discount of 50% off during our public beta to ensure a strong community and continued growth. And the discount doesn't end when our beta does. It's yours for as long as you continue your subscription. I have a multi-year vision for Recollectr and I couldn't do it without you! I hope you'll love it, and whether you do or you don't, I hope you'll get in touch with me here and let me know how it could better meet your needs. I'll be here to answer questions and discuss!
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Isaac PoormanI'm too lazy to write a bio.
Recollectr is an application for anyone that has tried all the other options and found them lacking or bloated. There is a sweet spot that I didn't know existed until I found Recollectr, and this sweet spot has features I didn't know I needed until I had them. Recollectr has ruined other note-taking apps for me. If you want to take notes (any kind: short, long, lists, code, pictures, links, whatever) with an app that doesn't get in your way, Recollectr is the top choice. The global hotkey let's you pull up Recollectr without even thinking about it, and you can write/format notes insanely fast - just check out the demo. I'm pretty sure it's slowed down by like 20%. Crazy fast. Remie is making something amazing here, and any issues I've had (which have been few) have been personally and quickly handled. Just give Recollectr a try, and you will feel the difference.
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