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Hi everyone, We're thrilled to be on Product Hunt, and looking forward to the great feedback this community offers :) To give you some background about RecMix, I was inspired to create this app by going to parties with great music and wishing that more of the DJ sets we heard live would be recorded so that we (and others not at the party) could enjoy them again. By speaking with many DJs (including my boyfriend who is professional DJ), I realized that an important reason why DJs are not recording as frequently is because the existing recording equipment is bulky and inconvenient to carry around, and that storage and file management of the recordings could be much improved. I set about developing an app that connects to the DJ mixer via an audio interface - replacing the bulky equipment that prevents most DJs from recording more frequently and allowing for easy storage and distribution of recorded files. Once you have recorded your set in M4A or WAV formats, you can save it on your private cloud. You can then send a link to download it or use AirDrop to upload it to another iOS device. If you're happy with the mix, you can publish it for in app streaming and share it with your friends and fans via Facebook, Twitter and various other channels, or upload it directly to SoundCloud. We allow for in-app streaming and also have streaming on our web browser. As a listener, the app allows you to follow your friends and favourite artists and to discover fresh content more quickly. We would love if you would test out the app and let us know your thoughts! Feel free to ask me or Ella (@ella_cullen1), any questions you may have. Thanks, Berber