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I'm shocked that no good recipe organization and authoring platform has existed before this.
@chrismessina the operative word I used was good ;)
I love this! Straight forward and simple recipe submissions. Well done!
Congratulations @cherianthomas , this is a great, clean interface, very smooth, very fluid and responsive. The editor is super lightweight with many powerful features neatly hidden until needed; the entire UX is really thought out and polished. Great team, very obviously, congrats! :) Here's my entry :) PS would love a low/no-carb diet style!
@andreaspizsa Thanks a lot for the compliments. CT is all about people and not diets. Think about it as disrupting food blogging. For e.g. http://raymondsfood.cucumbertown... does slow carb But Pandara is an American expat living in Thailand trying out the life there.
Hi all, We built this with a lot of help and feedback from the Hacker News community. We wanted to take a mundane task, a procrastinating experience and make it addictive. Here’s a recipe written with writer The editor stays simple but gives you the ability to achieve some beautiful without much effort. All with auto-complete, step by step images etc. We designed ways to split up ingredients, portions, units – a little bit like the way Microsoft word does with grammar. This is a beautiful start for us. We hope you like it as much as we did building it. A long way to nirvana…
We have been a big fan of the folks @cucumbertown for a while. The team is kickass. For an evergreen procastinator like me who is also a sucker for elegant interfaces, this is finger-licking good :)