Recipe IQ

Recipe nutrition calculator taking mystery out of cooking

A nutritional calculator. Simply scan your recipe, add a link, or even submit your invention and Voila! The app will display the nutritional information: calories, fats, sugars, protein, carbs and more!
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I'm going to share this with my brother. He started Dieting last week. I'm sure he will love this.
@haimohiuddin Thank you for sharing. To be able to loose weight he will definitely need to know exactly what he's eating and the app does just that. When eating store bought food, then you get this information on the label, but, if you're eating at home and need the same detailed information (and per serving), that's where our app comes in.
@ken_leeser Can you dive into the technology behind how this works?
@kristofertm Sure. RecipeIQ app is using OCR - optical character recognition. This technology converts images of typed or printed text into text on the app. That is what helps users to fetch all ingredients from the photos of recipes they like. Most ingredients in our database are retrieved from the FoodData Central database of U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE but we are constantly improving it, adding more and more popular foods that users submit themselves.
@ken_leeser Very cool. You should license the heck out of that
Take a picture of a recipe and it gives you nutritional facts. So cool.
@kristofertm Thanks for sharing this, Kristofer! :)
@kristofertm Thank you for hunting our app. :) I hope that knowing what we're eating can help make healthier life choices much easier. Product Hunters, let us know how you feel about the app...We are eager to hear your thoughts.
Thanks Kris for hunting RecipeIQ app. For the past few months, we have worked day and night, and kept ourselves from midnight snacks, to build the ideal app that can analyze any recipe and provide nutritional facts per serving. RecipeIQ was made with healthy eating in mind – our number one goal behind the app is to make healthy living an easier choice. Now the app can help you calculate your nutritional intake in terms of carbs, sugars, fats, protein, and more. This app is ideal for: ● Home cooks wanting to know exactly what they are consuming. ● Dieters watching out for healthy eating. ● Foodies ready to take their ingredient knowledge to the next level. ● Diabetics that need to track their nutritional intake. ● Parents who want to cook healthier alternatives for their children. ● & More! We hope you enjoy putting RecipeIQ to use as much as we enjoyed creating it. And don’t forget to share your thoughts with us – we’re always ready to hear!
I seriously love this app! I'm always minding my weight and being able to analyze every single recipe I create at home just gives me so much more control over my calorie intake.
@diana_m_gonzalez Thanks, that was our goal! I love cooking at home so I'm aware of how difficult it is to stick to any diet when you're cooking yourself and have no idea about the calories, fat, carbs and other nutrients that the recipes contain.