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An end-to-end chatbot solution to help you automate

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Hello Product Hunt, Thank you @ruslanm for hunting this. I'm the co-founder of Recime, which is a cloud-based service to build and deploy your bot in a single step. Developers can easily create and publish bots for Facebook, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, Alexa, and other major channels. Our cross-platform CLI offers maximum code share and reusability. Built with a serverless architecture for maximum scalability, Recime offers a seamless bot development experience by enabling developers to develop and run bots without provisioning or managing servers. We call ourselves "Heroku for Bots" with third-party plugins for natural language processing and analytics. We have launched our first preview of the platform this week. We are excited to see what you are going to build with our platform. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you at Mehfuz
Hey Product Hunters, Recime team is here for any questions! Fire away!
Hey Guys, Interesting platform. Couple questions: what are some bots built on Recime's platform? What is your pricing structure? Thanks in advance!
@chubucko Hi Jean-Marc, Please check out the Pipedrive to Slack Bot built using Recime: Using the free plan you can build a bot on us for Facebook but we can increase the limit on demand. Our enterprise plan comes with support for multiple channels and support for private cloud and 24 hour support. All our bots are running on AWS Lambda. Hope that helps Mehfuz
Looks like Recime can help with building telegram bot now πŸ€–οΈ Very nice!