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Mehfuz Hossain
@mehfuzh · CEO, Recime.io
Hello Product Hunt, Thank you @ruslanm for hunting this. I'm the co-founder of Recime, which is a cloud-based service to build and deploy your bot in a single step. Developers can easily create and publish bots for Facebook, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, Alexa, and other major channels. Our cross-platform CLI offers maximum code share and reusability. Built wi… See more
Ruslan Mursalzade
@ruslanm · Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ Telerik
Hey Product Hunters, Recime team is here for any questions! Fire away!
Jean-Marc Ly
@chubucko · Growth Marketer
Hey Guys, Interesting platform. Couple questions: what are some bots built on Recime's platform? What is your pricing structure? Thanks in advance!