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#5 Product of the DayJuly 07, 2018

Recidex allows you to collect recipes from your favorite recipe blogs and websites. Simply paste the link to any recipe, and Recidex will collect the recipe information and save it to your cookbook. Search over 10,000 recipes by name, ingredient, or cuisine to discover new recipes and add them to your grocery list when you're headed to the store.

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Hey'all! I'm excited to share a little side project of mine. I've been trying to eat healthier and cook more at home, which means I've been spending a lot of time scouring the internet for recipes I like. I stumbled upon plenty of little blogs that had recipes I liked, but bookmarking these recipes and shopping for all of the ingredients became a messy process. Recidex allows you to import a recipe to your personal cookbook by simply pasting the link to any recipe from your favorite blogs (currently working with over 100 different recipe websites). You can also search across thousands of recipes already on the site. When you know what you want to cook for the week, add those recipes to your grocery list, where Recidex will organize all of the ingredients by recipe, shared ingredient, or grocery aisle (coming soon). Looking forward to your feedback!
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Caught a few errors this morning with recipes on and If you've tried recipes from those sites, they should now work for you!
@robinsongreig Great idea! Sending this to my wife. I was thinking building something similar a while back but didn't have time for it. So here's an aspect of what I was thinking that I don't think you are doing yet: Search collected and uncollected recipes (all that Recidex indexed), based on ingredients I have in my fridge. A kind of reverse search if you will. Instead of directly searching for recipes, search recipes based on combination of ingredients I actually have and can cook. That would be truly useful! And is this a passion project or do you have a plan for monetization down the line? I'm working on a mobile meta search app WonderSwipe:, maybe we can do a recipes search integration in the future.
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@garyfung ah, yeah a few people have requested to be able to search for recipes this way. I should be able to get that added in. This is has just been an excuse to learn more Rails, but I may consider monetizing this in the future.
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@robinsongreig Eww Rails. Hope you don't run into performance and black box magic problems like I did πŸ˜…
@garyfung It'll be a good problem to have if this project reaches a scale where rails starts to show performance problems. Perfect platform for quick side projects, in my opinion.
Neat idea - definitely needs some categorisation. Especially with the current keto trend, I'd be flagging any recipe that comes from a keto blogger and adding a category for that
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@rossdcurrie Ah, good idea. The search currently returns a bunch of keto recipes (, but I could definitely add some quicklinks to return these results.
I would love to see the recipes along with the ingredients list rather than being sent to the associated blog! Also, I'd like to have the ability to change serving sizes. This site is awesome! Thank you.
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@nixigypsy Thanks for the feedback! I'm trying to balance pulling enough info into make this useful, while still being respectful to the original blogs and sending folks back that to their blog. A few other people have requested the full instructions be imported as well, so I'll have to consider doing that.

I think I'll be using this a lot, nice way to bring together many different recipe blogs/websites. You must visit original article to view instructions but once you read a recipe you kind of remember the instructions anyway and only need to look at the ingredient list to remember them, so it's not a huge issue. I assume the creator will keep adding websites and features so this could become great! :) Very nice first impression πŸ‘πŸ»


beutiful minimal design, quality recipes, can see ingredients whithout leaving the site


must visit original article to view instructions, not that many websites supported, (personal nitpick: I'm not crazy about the logo)

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Thank you for the feedback! If there are any websites you'd like supported, feel free to DM me on Twitter @robinsongreig
Nice - I think the feature to be able to create categories should be made asap. I save recipes on the regs and to categorise is pretty important. Also maybe you should open the recipe in a new window - having to go back and forth through the browser just to save a recipe feels long winded. It's a great start to a product though :) I like to save recipes from BBCGoodFood and Jamie Oliver - so if you can do those sites too, then that's a bonus :) Good luck with the rest of the project :)
@therealrossmac really appreciate the feedback! I just added support for BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver. I'll get categorization added in asap. What sort of categories do you normally use to organize recipes?
@robinsongreig Top stuff - personalised categories are best :)
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@therealrossmac hey! Just wanted to let you know that I just released collections, so you can now organize recipes however you'd like!
@robinsongreig top stuff - a nice addition. Out of curiosity are you using a particular API to parse your recipe or have you created your own one? :)
@therealrossmac It's a bit of a hybrid. 80% my own + using a Google API to handle one piece of it.