Record sounds and tie them to the place they were recorded

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Thor Martin
Head of Content, RADR Music News
I first tried Recho in an early alpha version about 1,5 years ago, and even back then I was amazed by the immersive aural treasure hunt I experienced. The ability to listen to an echo from the past is thrilling and sometimes chilling. It's amazing to see how brilliant and original UI and UX design comes together in this latest version of the app. Hopefully Product Hunt will help spread the good word about Recho. It will only get more fun as the number of (r)echos grow.
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Felix Jungavoision
Really dig this concept and love the discovery interface on the app. Looking forward to trying this out on my lunch break, and possibly leaving a recording of my own.
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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
Do geocaching apps ever really take off?
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Thank you for all the great feedback! Let me know if I can assist with any support. Have a fun recording!
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Katelan CunninghamWriter @Brit+Co and @ThinkApps
This is such a stunningly beautiful idea of how we can use tech to fuel exploration of physical places while sharing our memories of them. Great work.
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