Product Demand Management for SaaS Companies

Working out what to build is critical for any SaaS company. Time and resources are finite and the wrong decisions can have terrible ramifications for a business.

Receptive are the leaders in Product Demand Intelligence, enabling companies to make data-informed decisions by translating customer, team, and product demand into actionable insights.

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I've known Dan for a few years now, and I'm really excited about his latest product. This is an amazing tool that I've been using to help manage the feature requests within our own product. It's provided transparency, and a feeling of control to our clients, because now when they ask for a feature, we tell them to post it on Receptive and let our customer community vote on what's important to them. This isn't just about managing the requests, they have put some clever tech in there to identify low hanging fruit, and weight feature requests based on client value and interest. Really excited to see what the PH community thinks, I know Dan will be open to your feedback!
Thanks everyone. Drop me a line @Hanchaplino or @receptiveio if you'd like a demo. Would love to get more feedback from other Product Managers.
A great way to let those who know best describe what features are needed :) I can also see this useful in a company for internal purpose, for companies that have a lot of employees that use some kind of backend interface : they can organize what they need without having each time to mail the dev team (with possible duplicates). Is there a reason why visitor must manually go to dashboard in order to prioritize feature request after submitting a second one (from what I see in the video) ? This feature would probably be more used if visitor sees it right after submitting their request.
@oelmekki love the idea of companies using this for internal prioritisation
@oelmekki Hi Olivier, thanks for your questions Yes I think internal use of some back-office SaaS would be a good use-case for Receptive. You could use assign teams to different accounts, "sales", "HR", etc to let your product team see what different teams rank as important. On a related note, one product manager I demoed didn't want to let his customers self-serve requests (high-touch account-managed customers) so I can see us needing to let vendor users create/manage requests and assign them to end-users. I don't know yet if that's a real edge case, or if its going to be popular after chatting to customer at an event and going through your notes. Re: returning to the dash to prioritize, fair point, and its slightly clunky right now. It doesn't ask you to prioritize until you've requested a few features - so there's enough features to make a useful comparison. I agree that asking right away sounds like it would drive engagement with the prioritization tool. Hope that's useful, would love to talk more if you are interested in Receptive. cheers, Dan
This looks a lot like what UserVoice used to be (that's a good thing!). UV has since added a lot more help-desk-like features. All the added features came with increased costs (understandably) and the core features weren't available a la cart and therefore priced it out of my price range. I already use and am happy with ZenDesk, so I don't need all the extra bells and whistles in UV. If you can keep Receptive simple and do one thing really well at a reasonable cost I'd be interested to give it a whirl.
I'm the founder of Receptive, thanks for posting @mattlanham! Excited to be launching here on PH Really keen to hear from you if you recognise the problem we are solving, and hear your feedback. Working out what feature requests to build was a big problem for us at my previous SaaS business, and I think Receptive is on the way to solving that. Look forward to hearing from you all!, Dan