Your contacts, sorted by the most recent entry

Wow @bthdonohue this is a fantastic idea! This is how text messages are organized its nice to see that functionality move over to contacts. Great work!
@mrmikesmith Thanks Mike! Mostly inspired by NYC nighttime adventures where I meet excellent people, but cannot remember their names the next morning.
So simple, quick and easy. I love it and I'll be using this a lot.
@jsngr Not to mention beautiful.
@jsngr totally. And I use my contact book exclusively to keep track of who I meet. This helps a huge amount and is well done!
I suppose it'd be remiss not to mention that Recents is also open source: :-)
Solid stuff @brian - I'll add it to my collection 'can I get your details' cc @matthartman
nice work @bthdonohue . it's such a simple concept but the time-based view into your contacts creates a totally different context from what we're used to seeing. it feels like a significant piece of information has been missing.
@matthartman will you invest? We are approaching product/market fit in the hot contacts/address book market. We have good App Store Optimization and lots of interest on ProductHunt!