Your camera roll in a monthly (printed) magazine

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I can't remember the last time I printed a photo. It feels so retro. I have fascination with products that make digital things physical. Repostage allows you to easily print your Instagram photos. Printhug is an app for printing photos in your Dropbox. Woodpost prints your pics on wood. And there are dozens of other similarly unique user-generated, creative tools. I think my mom would love this. $8.99 is a steal.
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@rrhoover I have the same fascination... check out my collection :)
@nirb NICE! I just featured it here.
@rrhoover Awesome! Thanks.
@rrhoover 🎧 "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Head" (Sandi Thom)
@rrhoover @nirb I just posted our 2nd service, so excited!
This is super cool. The style and presentation is beautiful. So now for the questions - there are two use cases that I would love this for...1) printing pictures from a vacation (can you do alter the length of the book from the last month to the last week or 10 days)? 2) I would like to pick a topic (e.g. a person or a place) and do all pictures for the last year or multiple years?
@corleyh we've made it photo based not chronological. You'll always get 100, even if it crosses month timeframes. Helps to avoid end of month cut-offs.
@corleyh and we'll be pulling from individual albums soon - knowing a lot of users self-curate on their own. Which would help with historical magazines/photos - aka: the NOT-so-recently...
@corleyh I just posted our latest awesome service, so excited!
Great idea for e.g. new parents.
Wow, love this. Kinda the anti-Snapchat giving some permanence to your memories. At this price and ease, I can see a lot of uses from parents/grandparents to couples and groups of friends.
Very cool. I'm a big fan of this space. I'm curious, do you have plans to filter out things like screenshots? I find myself and a lot of other people use their camera roll as a temporary store for things like that. I'd love a monthly magazine–but I'd rather it didn't include screen grabs of imessage threads and Instagram memes. Also added to my "Print Your Photos!" collection
@callmeed great call, don't know how I missed this comment. Definitely, more automagic to come. Right now we show you all, and make it a quick double tap to delete it -
@callmeed - I just posted our latest awesome service, so excited!