Your receipts are a missed marketing opportunity

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High-five's @adii for shipping this puppy. Who is the customer here? Is it *just* WooCommerce? Or any Wordpress site? Or anyone who sends receipts (even if it's their own custom built solution)? To me, that's the big thing lacking on the marketing site...a clear, no-questions-asked statement about who exactly it is that would use this.
@Shpigford Thanks Josh. And good point re: the marketing. Right now, Receiptful is only for WooCommerce. Next week we'll start rolling out the API, which then means it's for anyone that wants to do a custom integration.
Yep - here we are again. :) A couple of months ago, we launched Receiptful with only a Stripe integration. What we found was that one of the primary reasons for Stripe's awesomeness was it's flexibility and that flexibility made it difficult for us to build a generic-enough Receiptful in our vision of what receipts should be. This was especially true for a MVP / early version. So we went back to the drawing board and decided to re-built our own API and along with that we built a deep integration for WooCommerce (currently the most popular eCommerce platform on the web according to BuiltWith). My ties to WooThemes / WooCommerce also added a lot of momentum to that decision. Our next step is to acquire some users and make some $$$. :) Seriously though, we'll be opening up our API to selected customers soon, which means integrating Receiptful with any eCommerce store or SaaS app. Thereafter we'll get back to our Stripe integration too. :)
@adii That is awesome. Did it help to launch on Product Hunt first to find feedback like that?
@Jonnotie Yeah, PH got us about 100 e-mail addresses the first time and some of those people tried out our Stripe alpha version. :)
@adii Would love to use the Stripe integration. I haven't found a good stripe receipts tool yet
They were on PH before but they just launched.
Congrats on the launch, @adii. As you know, I agree receipts are a missed opportunity (wrote this piece early this year, inspired by an Buffer receipt I received). Coming from PlayHaven, where we provided tools for mobile game devs to present in-game messaging, I realize how much direction customers needed when using our tools. Receiptful is similar in that people may not know how best to use it. What use cases have you found most effective and do you provide guidance/consulting, Adii?
@rrhoover In brutal honesty: our sample size is way too small right now to really know. We've seen two things though: people definitely open their receipts and they click links within it. The most successful upsell we've seen until now has been a discount coupon of sorts on a future purchase. I imagine though that once we get some machine learning & intelligence into our "similar products" recommendation engine, that'll be the winner.
@rrhoover I was telling @adii earlier today about that exact blog post! Reading the tagline instantly reminded me of that post!
@adii @rrhoover This is very true. It's the best relevant and timely positions for referral loops.
I think "retention marketing" is a big opportunity - but is the receipt really the best way to get customers to come back? If I got a coupon on a receipt I would be annoyed I didn't get to use it on the original purchase, and most likely I am not ready to buy something again right now. Shouldn't it be an email x days or weeks later?
@averyj So that was my gut feel as well, but our early data suggests otherwise (i.e. no one has been pissed off enough to complain about the coupon code), as well as industry-wide data that specifically suggests that people are likely to spend more money. We (both as Receiptful and as a greater industry) have a lot to learn still. My guess though is something like a discount coupon for a future purchase along with relevant upsell / cross-sell product suggestions will be very lucrative though.
@adii have you guys been able to share any of that data yet? Aggregated anonymous data in this space would be very interesting.
@averyj Our data set is unfortunately too small at the moment to be truly meaningful. It is however our aim to start releasing as much anonymous data as soon as possible.
@averyj My favorite online clothing company always includes a 10% off my next purchase whenever it comes in the mail. I don't feel bad about not having it for my previous order, because I can use it for my next. Definitely gets me to buy more often.
@spencerfry @averyj the pizza industry's been doing this for ages. ;)