Receipt Donkey

Track receipts and store them in the cloud.

an app for storing personal or business receipts in Dropbox in one click. Just open the app, take a picture and all your receipts are stored in YOUR own dropbox folder. No setup, no fuss.

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I love the simplicity! Especially when I'm traveling it is so difficult to keep track of receipts. Inevitably I always end up missing one or two receipts. It would love to have the ability to save to different sub folders inside the Receipt Donkey DropBox folder. One for business, one for personal, etc.
@stephenchip I am on it! Will add to the next release. Full disclosure. Apple release process is a nightmare, so it might take 2-4 weeks to get there.
@stephenchip You can use Receipt Tracker for Dropbox that is saving in different folders based on the category
This app came to be as a solution to my pain of having to track a ton of business receipts for our accountant. I ended up with a few shoeboxes of paper receipts, no desire to scan them, no space to store them, an a headache to take them with when moving. So, I made this app. Now I snap a photo, put receipts on Dropbox, and never have to hear about them again!
@kirillzubovsky I like your viewpoint on simplicity. For some things, a unitasker is just right! Q: Could a person send email receipts to your app's Dropbox folders without first converting them into images? 90% of my business expenses are documented electronically.
@kkdub Interesting proposition. As of right now, I don't think so. Technically speaking, it is _your_ dropbox folder that you would be sending receipts to, which I believe is possible, but it would need to land in the correct folder, which w/out going through a 3rd party resource wouldn't be. Let me see how many users need something along these lines. It can certainly be figured out :D .. that said, is that something you'd be willing to pay extra for?
@kirillzubovsky It wouldn't make sense for me to use a receipt service that didn't manage e-receipts since that's what I have the most of. I have a hacked together system but it's not fabulous. My situation could be unusual -- it would be interesting to see if your customers need/want that functionality.
This reminds me a lot of Scanbot (Scanner & QR-Code Reader with OCR - Scanbot scans everything like barcodes, documents, receipts by doo GmbH which also allows you to snap a photo (scan), upload to the cloud, sort, etc. Big plus to the product is the OCR which is pretty top notch. However, several features that one may look for are only available as an in-app purchase of PRO.
@imcatnoone As yes, that app has some interesting features. I prefer clean and simple experiences that do one thing and do it well, but some power users have asked for additional functionality. Now it's the matter of including it in such a way that doesn't obstruct daily usage :) Fun times! Thanks for the feedback.
@imcatnoone thanks! Highly appreciated :-)
Ohhh! This is cool, gonna try it :)
That's pretty cool and useful. Hope we'll be able to change the name of the file, it's (IMHO) the only feature missing :)
@quentinau would you like this name-changing to happen right after you took the shot, or some time into the future, when you have time to open the app again and to edit your shots?